A Genius Hack That Makes Drinking Your Favorite Caffeinated Beverage While Camping Easier

If you're someone who prefers to start each day with a caffeine boost before facing the world, there's likely nothing quite as refreshing as a hot cup of coffee in hand. At Johns Hopkins Medicine, experts have even pointed to recent studies showing the antioxidants in coffee could help your body process sugars more effectively, as well as protect your liver and heart when enjoyed in moderation. That's fantastic news for coffee enthusiasts everywhere, but how exactly do you enjoy that daily cup you're so looking forward to when your plans include camping?

According to IBIS World, there are nearly 15,000 campgrounds across the U.S. for adventurers to enjoy as of 2022. No matter which destination you select, there's a good chance that if you're heading out to explore the great outdoors, you won't want to be camping with a bulky coffee machine in your travel pack. That's where a clever DIY coffee bag can make all the difference. 

You'll only need four items to successfully implement this genius hack that guarantees you'll get the energy rush you need to enjoy a day out in nature. Once you have your small boiling pot, coffee filters, coffee grounds, and string gathered, you're ready to go. Rest assured that none of these items will take up much space in your pack. They also won't add a significant amount of weight if your plans include camping paired with extensive trekking.

A simple solution that's sure to satisfy

Getting to that first sip of coffee is quick and easy. Begin by boiling water in a small pot over a campsite fire. As it boils, place a coffee filter on a flat surface and add anywhere from 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds for a single serving. Pull the edges of the coffee filter together to create what looks like a tea bag and secure it with a piece of string.

Once the bag is tied up and the water is boiling, place the bag in a coffee cup and pour in the boiling water. You can leave the bag in the water as long as you'd like to reach the strength you're looking for. Do keep in mind that when you've finished your coffee, taking your grounds with you is something that's typically expected under the accepted rules of "leave no trace" and "pack it in, pack it out" when exploring nature. By pre-measuring your coffee grounds in re-sealable bags or travel containers, you already have a place to return your DIY coffee bag when you're done until you can properly dispose of it.

If you're looking for an eco-friendly disposable coffee filter to use for this hack, If You Care has been creating an array of sustainable products since 1990. The packaging they use is recycled and designed to reduce overall waste. They have packs of 100 coffee filters available for less than $10, making them a budget-friendly option too.