Visit This Popular Western US Tourist Destination For Thrilling Swimming Adventures

Aspen, Colorado, might be one of the most famous resort towns in the U.S. The home of some of the best skiing in the country and the annual host of the X Games, this travel destination is considered a must-visit for a winter getaway. However, this stunning natural oasis is just as breathtaking and exciting in the summer. Forests of the iconic Aspen tree rustle in the breeze, lush greenery is everywhere, and the city is popping with outdoor community events. 

From June through August, the snow of the ski season melts, precipitation levels fall, and this mountain town heats up with temperatures ranging from the mid to upper 70s. After hiking underneath the beaming sun at high altitudes, you'll definitely be seeking a place to cool off. Luckily, Aspen offers a variety of opportunities to do so, including the famed Devil's Punchbowl. Between its natural swimming holes, serene lakes, and family-fun indoor pools, Aspen, Colorado, is packed with thrilling swimming adventures.

Free-fall from the cliff at Devil's Punchbowl

Just around 10 minutes out from Aspen's charming downtown, you'll find an incredible swimming hole — Devil's Punchbowl. This deep blue-green, natural swimming pool can be found tucked away in the scenic mountains of Independence Pass. Surrounded by rocky formations, many visitors enjoy jumping from the hole's towering 20-foot cliffs and into the icy waters below. If you plan to visit, caution is always advised. With no lifeguards on-site, it's essential you remain aware of the water conditions and depth before diving.

To get to Devil's Punchbowl, route yourself to the Grottos Day Use Area and follow the site's hiking path. Another option is to park at the lot for Weller Lake and follow the signed hiking trail that starts there. Both trails suit beginner levels, with Weller Lake being a tad longer and more challenging. Note that there will be no official signs posted for Devil's Punchbowl. However, if you stick to the mentioned trails, you'll come across the swimming spot with no problem.

Visit the Rudai Resevoir or a luxury indoor pool

While Devil's Punchbowl is the perfect swimming adventure for risk-takers, if you're looking for something a little more approachable for the whole family, we recommend you take a trip to the Rudai Reservoir. Just a 45-minute drive from Aspen in the neighboring town of Basalt, this manmade lake is a local favorite. Pristine blue water spans over 1,000 acres, enclosed by towering forest-covered mountains.

Boating, fishing, swimming, and more are all welcome at the reservoir. Pack a lunch and some beach chairs and set up camp for a long day relaxing on the lakeshores. If you're interested in kayaking or paddle boarding, you'll find a handful of gear rental companies in Basalt. Head to the reservoir's boat ramp to access ample parking at the cost of $8.

For swimming any time of year right in the heart of Aspen, visit the aquatic facility at Aspen Recreation Center. This indoor pool is practically like a bite-sized water park. With an artificial lazy river, towering, swirly water slide, and an aqua climbing wall, there's plenty to keep you and the whole family entertained.