Save On Parking Before Your Next Cruise Vacation By Booking This Type Of Hotel

Sure, there are plenty of solutions to the question, "Where do I park my car while I'm on my cruise?" You can leave it at home and use ride-shares, taxis, or public transportation to get to and from home or the airport to the port. That can be an expensive pain, though, especially if you have a bunch of luggage. You can use the terminal parking, which is typically right by the port, but this can come with high fees, too. You can also use off-site parking a little further away from the port, which might cost less, but then you still need to use a taxi or ride-share to get to the port. You might also be worried about your car getting broken into in these locations.

It seems like there's just no perfect solution to the car parking problem. Or is there? Well, if you've faced this problem in the past and are tired of shelling out massive fees for parking or transportation, you might be pleased to learn that park-and-cruise hotels exist. As Life Well Cruised points out, park-and-cruise hotels are similar to park-and-fly hotels. Instead of being located near airports, however, these hotels are near popular ports and offer guests a way to safely and inexpensively park their cars while offering shuttle transportation to and from the port. But are there still any drawbacks?

Perks and irks of booking a park-and-cruise hotel

Booking a park-and-cruise hotel has many advantages. Your car is in a monitored environment, you have a shuttle available to take you to and from the port, and it might just be cheaper than your other options. However, the monetary advantages of booking a park-and-cruise hotel mostly become apparent when taking a cruise that lasts more than three to four days, according to Royal Caribbean Blog. The hotel rate plus the parking fee compared to the terminal parking fees are about one-to-one for trips lasting three days. For trips lasting seven days, you'll find significant savings of $100 dollars or more.

As Royal Caribbean Blog points out, the primary downsides of a park-and-cruise hotel are fairly straightforward. Some hotels might charge extra for the shuttle, and the schedule for the shuttle may be limited. This can sort of negate the convenience factor you were expecting with a park-and-cruise hotel. You also have to consider when you return. You may be waiting around for a shuttle if there are a lot of people also parking at your hotel. This is where terminal parking comes in handy. After a long trip, you probably just want to get in your car and start heading home.