Why You Should Think Twice Before Throwing Out Your Metro Ticket In These European Cities

Visiting new cities can be an adventurous challenge. On the one hand, there's a plethora of foods to try, fashion styles to emulate, and activities to engage in. It's exciting and can lead to lifelong memories for you and everyone involved. On the other hand, you're in entirely new territory — everything from the city's culture to its language can be different. One thing that's extremely important, especially when traveling abroad, is doing your research on the place you're visiting. Making sure you understand customs and cultural expectations can save you from embarrassing moments and even breaking the law and getting a fine. 

For those traveling to Europe, it's important to look up how the transportation works. In multiple metros across the continent, you have to hold on to your ticket even after you board the train. If you try to exit without a ticket, you could find yourself face to face with the metro police.

The importance of your single ticket

Europe is known for its accessible transportation. Public transportation is better for the environment and friendly to the wallet. Many tourists opt for public transportation when exploring the city. While it might take a tad bit longer than hailing a cab, this cost-effective strategy gets you where you need to be for less.

One critical detail for tourists to remember when using the metro is to hold on to the ticket. Tourists often throw out their ticket after entering the metro station or shortly after the train ride ends. This is a mistake that could break your wallet. If the metro police come along and ask for proof that you paid, you no longer have the metro ticket to show them. With the evidence gone, you have to find another way to prove you purchased your ticket; otherwise, they won't let you exit the station. Additionally, you could find yourself with a fine to pay.

Ticketing options

As for avoiding this predicament, it's pretty simple. Hold on to your metro card until after you exit the station at your destination, especially if it's the metro's very last stop. You'll have proof that you paid just in case anyone stops you. Even if you don't get stopped, you can avoid unnecessary stress or anxiety knowing you played it safe. You can easily discard the ticket once you're outside.

If you know you're going to be using the metro, consider getting a multi-day pass to help save money. Some cities, like Paris, have options to pay as you go, along with passes that last for a couple of days or an entire month. Using the metro in a new city will take you one step closer to experiencing the city like a local. 

Using public transportation can be an adventure in and of itself with all of the people and personalities around you. It's perfect for people watching and immersing yourself in a new culture. Your time on the metro can be one of ease and maybe even enjoyment as you observe the fashion and languages of those around you — just make sure you're holding onto your ticket even after you board the train.