The Simple Hack For Making Sure You Have Enough Diapers For Your Next Family Vacation

It is one of the great paradoxes of family travel: How much stuff a baby needs for such a small person. From spare clothes and favorite toys to bulky equipment like strollers, carriers, and car seats, there is a lot to pack: You can always identify the people with very young children at the airport by their trolley piled high with gear like they're setting off on an Antarctic expedition rather than a nice family vacation.

Of all the things that parents need to pack for their baby's trip, one in particular eats up a ridiculous amount of luggage space: diapers. It can be challenging enough to keep stocked up even at home when a little one needs changing several times a day, and parents often worry about whether they have brought enough for their vacation. The last thing they want is to run out at an inconvenient moment or struggle to find a store that sells their preferred brand, which can lead to overcompensating. But many people overlook one simple hack: why pack diapers when you can get them shipped instead?

Ordering diapers to your destination saves space and hassle

Worrying about whether you have enough diapers for your trip is natural for a responsible parent, but such concerns should be largely unfounded these days. Major retailers across the U.S. offer same-day delivery on most items ranging from groceries to electronics. Indeed, if you had a mind to, you could travel with hardly any luggage at all in this country and just get everything you need shipped directly to where you're staying.

Needless to say, that isn't the most cost-effective way to travel, but this tactic really comes into its own when we're talking about disposable items that take up a lot of luggage space like diapers. All you need to do is check ahead of time with your hotel or rental to make sure that you can send deliveries there, and then you're all set. If they have a reception desk that can accept an order, you can even ship the items before you leave home and pick them up when you check in!

This travel hack for diapers is so simple and brilliant, but not everyone wants extra planning before a trip. That still doesn't mean you need to load up on diapers for your vacation; unless you're staying in the wilderness, most destinations will have a few stores or pharmacies within reach where you can pick up what your baby needs for their stay.