Prevent Your Hair Tools From Burning Your Suitcase With This Packing Hack

Keeping your hair in good shape when traveling can be an issue. We're dealing with different types of water than we're used to, hotel hair dryers so weak it's like standing with wet hair in a gentle breeze, and different products than we usually use. However, there is one issue that isn't about how we look while traveling — it's one that can actually cause a major issue if it isn't solved. The question: How can you pack hair styling tools like a curling iron or a flat iron while they're still hot? 

You don't want to accidentally burn your suitcase or any of its contents. If you have an early flight and have to look your best, how do you get around this one? Luckily, there's a really great packing hack to allow you to get out on the road, even if your hair tools are still toasty — all you need is an oven mitt. That's right; using an oven mitt to cover your items if you have to stick them in a suitcase before they cool off is an easy solution to having great-looking hair and a quickly-packed suitcase. 

Oven mitt to the rescue (and the TSA hot tool rules)

Using an oven mitt to protect your hot tools and your luggage is a great way to keep those hot tools from burning everything. Of course, you can purchase a heat cover specifically for that purpose, but you probably have an extra oven mitt in your house. It's the perfect — and free — solution. You can also wrap a pot holder around it, but the oven mitt will enclose the entire thing. 

If you're flying, one thing to keep in mind when you're packing hot tools is where they have to be packed in the first place. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says that corded curling irons and straighteners can be checked, cordless ones "that contain lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries or are gas or butane fueled are only allowed in carry-on bags" and that "A safety cover must be securely fitted over the heating element." In addition, you have to make sure it cannot be turned on accidentally. Just something to keep in mind as you pack up. 

Other helpful hairstyling hacks for travel

There are a few other ideas for you if you're trying to keep your hair in good shape while traveling. One is for when your curling iron isn't working or if your travel adaptor isn't functioning to plug it in. The tip comes from Reddit's Travel Hacks page and suggests turning the hotel hair dryer up as high as it will go (which sometimes isn't that high, but maybe you'll get lucky), then heating up your hot tools that way. 

Another idea, if the curling iron isn't working, comes from The Travel Intern. If you want your hair to curl, dampen it at night and put it into two low buns on either side of your head by first creating pigtails and twisting them into the buns. Unroll them in the morning, and boom, wavy hair. Keeping your hair gorgeous while traveling might not be the easiest thing at all times, but with a little bit of creativity, it's possible.