Keep Your RV Refrigerator Organized With These Viral Tips

No matter how accustomed you become to RV life, whether you're a summer vacationer or a long-term RVer, there are a surprising amount of helpful hacks that can make RV trips an even more comfortable and convenient experience. While we may typically understand the big RV considerations, like acquiring a reliable internet connection and sewage disposal, we tend to overlook the seemingly mundane aspects of RVing that are radically different than conventional home life. 

Of course, living in an RV is not the same as living in a stationary home, but it's easy to forget about two underlying aspects of RV life: motion and limited space. Unless you live on an extremely active fault line, stationary houses don't move around too much, and most average homes provide much more storage than even the largest motored mansions.

So, when you consider limited storage, your RV items will typically be essential, and when you consider motion, there's always a risk that your essential items will break. This leads us to your RV's refrigerator. Fortunately, there are excellent online resources to help you better organize your RV's fridge while keeping your fridge's items safe.

RV fridge organization is like Tetris

Unless you're driving a uber-luxe Class A rig, RV fridges will typically be a lot smaller than conventional ones. This means a well-stocked fridge will also need to be a well-organized one. Fortunately, one TikToker shared two clever ways to better organize your RV fridge, helping to maximize your space.

First, she suggests washing and prepackaging all of your produce. Not only does this make dealing with your produce more convenient for meal prep, but fruits and vegetables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, which leads to the TikTok user's second suggestion — store everything in squares.

When it comes to effective space usage, you can think of organizing your RV fridge as a game of Tetris, and since your RV fridge is most likely a square, then fitting a bunch of smaller squares inside will optimize your space. Whether you use Tupperware or something similar, placing your food items inside square receptacles will help you to save space and organize your items. This RV hack also helps to address the other issue of RV fridges — motion.

Organization can help keep items in place

Unlike stationary fridges, RV fridges take left and right turns, speed up and slow down, and bump along whatever your RV is driving over. The point being there can be a lot of movement inside your RV fridge. Keeping your fridge items in square receptacles will help, as loose items won't get strewn around, but one Youtuber recommends another smart hack to keep your items in place — small tension rods.

By placing small tension rods in front of your square food containers, you can create a barrier between your items and the fridge door. These rods can be particularly useful on travel days, ensuring you don't open the door to an avalanche of fridge items falling out. Another TikTok user suggested placing multi-purpose liners on your main and side shelves. The non-skid liner can help keep plastic containers from slipping, while its softer material can minimize rattling. 

We also suggest placing the tops of egg cartons, or something similar, under glass bottles. Without something soft to minimize the rattling of glass against plastic shelving for 300 miles, your bottle of white wine may not survive the journey.