Best Spots Around Phoenix For Pizza

Forget roads and aqueducts. Pizza is undoubtedly one of Italy's best inventions. Dough, tomato sauce, cheese — boom. Name us a better combination ... we'll wait. Best of all, a pie can be completely customizable to your liking. If you want to put pineapple and Canadian bacon on there, that's your prerogative. We won't judge ... too much.

However, what do you think of when one asks where you can find the best slice in the U.S.? Naturally, your first thoughts might be of New York, Detroit, and Chicago. What you may be surprised to find out, though, is that among the top-ten lists for best pizza destinations in the U.S., Phoenix, Arizona has been a repeat entry, regularly hitting lists big and small.

Why? We have no idea! Could it be that Phoenix has the 23rd-largest Italian diaspora in the country? Maybe ... but it's probably equally likely that where there are people, there is pizza. And since Phoenix is the fifth-largest city in America, pizza (both great and terrible) is bound to make an appearance. Today, you can find almost 300 pizza restaurants in the Phoenix metropolitan area of varying types and qualities. So how do you choose? We're here to help.

Most popular pies you definitely need to try

While Yelp's top ten may tell one story, the r/Phoenix subreddit tells a different one. Across nearly every pizza-related thread from the last three years, these are the top pizza places to watch out for — Pizza Bianco, CIBO, and Federal Pizza.

If you've watched Netflix's latest "Pizza Edition" of Chef's Table, you'll be familiar with Pizza Bianco. This is easily Phoenix's most popular pizza venue and has been touted as one of the best (if not the best) in the country. As such, when you visit, expect a long wait but with a great reward — an artisanal Neapolitan-style pizza that will blow your socks off.

Next in line for top pizza in Phoenix is CIBO. Named after the Italian word for "food," this place is said to have great traditional wood-fired pizza. Each pie is made-to-order and thrown by Sicilian native Chef Guido Saccone. You'll also find other traditional Italian dishes such as cacio e pepe and yummy snacks like arancini, fried balls of rice made with a red or white sauce inside.

Finally, we have Federal Pizza, a saucy, cheesy gem in uptown Phoenix. This is another wood-fired pizza spot, but we wouldn't call it traditional. They've got pizzas like the Flaming Lips with chili honey, Sweet Potato pizza with ricotta, sage, and chives, and a pan pizza called The White Fig with blue cheese, onion, garlic oil, and figs. Don't order that last one on a first date!

Traditional pizzas that will make you melt

You can't really go wrong with a traditional pizza pie. And when we say "traditional" we don't just mean Italian traditional but American-Italian, too. We're talking your doughy, cheesy, delicious pizzas with all the fixings for meat and veggie lovers alike.

And when it comes to your American-Italian traditional pizza, you can't miss Venezia's NYC Style Pizzeria. There are a few locations throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area, with each one remaining pretty consistent in quality, per Yelp. They not only have a variety of sizes to choose from and great weekly specials, but they also have options for those who are vegan and/or gluten-free so everyone can enjoy.

Spinato's Pizzeria is where you'll find great Chicago-style thin-crust pizza (yes, that's a thing). This is another local that you can depend on for your traditional Italian flavors, along with some unique Greek-style pizzas, too. Interestingly, Spinato's is also the official pizza of the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Mercury. So if you don't have time to stop by their brick-and-mortar restaurant, you can catch a slice at the Footprint Center next time you attend a basketball game.

Lastly, we have POMO Pizzeria Napoletana, which leans toward your more typical idea of "traditional pizza" than the others in this list. So much so, that it is the only pizzeria in Phoenix that has been certified by the prestigious APN (Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani) and VPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) pizza associations as true authentic Neapolitan pizzas.

Greasy, guilty pleasures perfect for Sunday football

Sometimes, you just need that greasy, gooey, cheesy pizza after a bad breakup or to serve up at a party of non-discerning sports fans or weekend revelers. If this is the case, chances are this pizza is going to get left out on your kitchen counter anyways, so why waste your money on an artisanal frou-frou pizza? With that in mind, here are a few suggestions that aren't national chain pizza but still scratch that itch.

If you really need a bunch of party pizza but don't want to resort to ordering Domino's, check out Barro's, a local pizza chain. They say they make award-winning pizzas, and who are we to question it? They have some good deals on party-sized pizzas and wings. They also do their part to give back to the local communities, with over $2.5 million raised to fight hunger in Arizona.

Jimmy & Joe's Pizzeria is another local favorite with three locations in Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert. Alongside their well-priced pizzas, they also make their own side sauces in-house which you can purchase to take home with you. And if you want some free t-shirts all you have to do is complete the "Big Jimmy" Pizza Challenge, where two people have to finish a 24" cheese pizza in under an hour.

Best slices to satisfy that pizza tooth

Moving on to the best slices in Phoenix for those who just want a little pizza snack to hold them over. The Via Della Slice Shop in Downtown Phoenix will have you drooling for more than just a slice, though. Dave Portnoy of Barstool Pizza Review gave it a 7.9 (for context, Pizzeria Bianco got a 7.3) and voted it the best pizza in the valley. While taste can be subjective, it can't be denied that this spot is passionate about its pies. Each slice will cost you between $4 to $5.50, but each slice packs a punch and the paper plate it's served on only adds to the ambiance!

Hot Daisy is another fantastic slice shop serving pizzas using dough made from scratch in-house and artisanal meats and cheeses. Their slices range from $4 to $5 and include such innovations like a Lasagna Pie, the Just Fuggettaboutit Pie with pepperoni and white truffle burrata, and the Corny Baby-Elote Pie with roasted corn, cotija cheese, and chipotle oil. But if none of that sounds good to you, you can also create your own.

Unique 'za that will keep you running back for more

Myke's Pizza in Mesa appears to be a bit of a fan favorite among pizza-discerning Redditors, and for good reason. This slice-slinging locale serves hand-crafted, wood-fired classics like the Margherita and White Pie. However, they have interesting additions to their menu, like the Potato & Bacon and a Chorizo pizza with castelvetrano olives, aged Gouda, and pickled radishes. What locals really love about this place, though, is its location inside Cider Corps. Grab a cider to have alongside a spicy, savory za!

Now, with all these meaty pizzas on this list, we'd hate to neglect to mention a shop that caters to vegetarian and vegan pizza lovers. For this, look no further than the Pizza Heaven Bistro. Here you can build your own or choose from a list of brick-oven-fired vegan pizzas. And it's not just the pies, Pizza Heaven also offers vegan starters, salads, calzones, and sides, so you can enjoy a full-course vegan meal.

Finally, but definitely not one you should miss, is My Slice of the Pie Pizzeria that's giving us those southwestern vibes we've been looking for. My Slice delivers on taste and uniqueness with their blend of Sonoran and Mexican flavor profiles. Try their You Gotta Carne Asada pizza that includes southwest sauce, chargrilled carne asada, fire-roasted tomato salsa, and avocado puree. Or try their take on the white pie, El Blanco, with roasted jalapeno garlic olive oil, asadero, fire-roasted artichoke, ricotta, and cotija.