James Bond Fans Should Plan A Tour Of Thunderball Grotto In The Bahamas

If you're looking to check out the Bahamas and its marine life, there's one fantastic underwater cave that you have to see. Thunderball Grotto, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism says, is a unique place that's excellent for underwater exploration. You'll find tons of marine life here, from technicolor coral reefs to a variety of fish. According to Bahamas Air Tours, Thunderball Grotto is close to Big Major Cay, better known as Pig Island, where, yes, there are swimming pigs. 

Per Exuma Bahamas, you don't have to be a diving expert to explore Thunderball Grotto, but entering at low tide is a lot easier due to the possibility of very powerful currents during high tide. World Wide Boat says Thunderball Grotto itself is only accessible by water, making it a favorite among area charter boats that take passengers to the underwater cave. The cave opens up to an enormous arched dome that filters the sunlight and gives the grotto an otherworldly vibe. You can also go rock climbing or jump off the raised surfaces on the limestone walls of the cave.

Calling all James Bond fans

Thunderball Grotto famously got its name from the 1965 James Bond film "Thunderball," given that it was the location for underwater scenes in the film. The grotto was once again used later in the 1983 James Bond movie "Never Say Never Again," which was the last time Sean Connery would appear in the role of 007.

Thunderball Grotto's movie history doesn't end with James Bond, however. According to Yahoo, the underwater cave was also featured in the Ron Howard-directed 1984 film "Splash," starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, along with comedic greats John Candy and Eugene Levy. It was also in 2005's "Into the Blue," starring Jessica Alba and Paul Walker.

Obviously, Hollywood sure thinks the location is picturesque. You will assuredly think so too, but why not go see for yourself? Hop on a boat and grab scuba or snorkel gear for an unforgettable underwater experience in the Bahamas.