Singapore's Rainy Season Means Big Savings For Those Who Don't Mind Getting Wet

If you're on a tour of Southeast Asia, arriving in Singapore will be a shock for your bank balance. Compared to surrounding countries, it's pretty costly. However, there are ways to save. One way is to come to Singapore during the rainy season. But, and we think this is obvious, you might get a little damp while you're here. According to Travellers Worldwide, it's during the summer rainy season that you'll find the cheapest prices in Singapore. They warn though that temperatures can feel very warm during this time, and strongly recommend getting a hotel with air conditioning (this is an absolute must at any time of year in Singapore, in our opinion).

Travel Triangle writes that June especially is a great time to head to the beach because of the high humidity in the city — the beach, of course, is free. You'll just want to check the weather forecast before you go. Another reason to visit Singapore from June to August is for shopping. The Great Singapore Sale is organized then and there are bargains galore (per Thomas Cook), plus shopping is a great rainy-day activity.

The rainy season in Singapore

Is the rainy season really that bad? Singapore experiences two monsoon seasons, one that lasts from December to March, and another that begins in June and lasts through September (per Meteorological Service Singapore). The latter monsoon season, which occurs during the Northern Hemisphere summer, is the one we're talking about. At this time, you should expect short afternoon showers or thunderstorms, and sometimes gusty winds from the early morning up to midday.

Before this puts you off, let's put that into context. In the so-called inter-monsoon periods (late March, April, May, October, and November), you'll often get thunderstorms in the afternoons too. In fact, it rains 167 days per year in Singapore, so you'll be extremely lucky if you don't run into a shower or two during your stay any time of the year.

Local Rachel Chan writing for Lifestyle Guide has some dressing tips for surviving the rainy season in Singapore. Chan recommends bringing a raincoat rather than a heavy umbrella and not wearing light fabrics or long clothing that will get dirty on the wet streets.

What to do during the rainy season

Singapore doesn't stop during monsoon seasons. Quite the contrary, in fact. The Singapore Food Festival is held sometime in August and/or September, and it's one of the best occasions to get a taste of Singapore's multicultural food scene. To sample more of the country's delicious delicacies, go to a hawker center, where you'll find tons of stalls selling cheap but high-quality street food all under one roof (the roof also helps you avoid the rain). Visit Singapore has a list of some of the best. More festivals punctuate the summer months, including the famous Dragon Boat Festival in June, and National Day on August 9.

If you need a break from feeling soggy, you're in luck. There are plenty of indoor attractions in the city. For a taste of the outdoors, head to Gardens by the Bay. Much of it is under cover, including the stunningly colorful Floral Fantasy and Flower Dome, and the ethereal Cloud Forest. There are also tons of museums and galleries in Singapore, including the rather delicious Museum of Ice Cream.