The Athens Food Tour That's Perfect For Adventurous Eaters

When you arrive in Greece, you'll experience an incredible assortment of Mediterranean-style dishes. You may already know about some favorites like moussaka, gyros, or tzatziki, but Greek food is much more than that! You can certainly get your fill of all the typical fare, but why take the risk of missing out on some unforgettable foods when you could join a food tour in Athens, Greece? To satisfy both your taste buds and travel bug while on your trip to Greece, you should consider checking out the Eureka Athens tour company.

Eureka Athens offers a list of amazing private tours in Greece and nearby Nemea led by expert licensed guides. You can take a private sunset tour of the Acropolis, learn about the Greek mythologies as you walk around the ancient city, or even gain insights into what life was like when Athens was once part of the Ottoman empire.

However, if you are an adventurous foodie, you absolutely cannot miss their Bizarre Food Tour of Athens. Of all the tours Eureka Athens offers, this will surely prove an experience to remember.

What to expect from Eureka Athens' bizarre food tour

While the name of the tour might be off-putting, there is no need to worry! All of the foods you will get to try are as delicious as anything you would find at home, and some may even be familiar to you. Place your trust in your guide, a local food expert, who will take you all around Athens' best food spots. They will take you to the city's best pastry shops where you can try freshly baked and uniquely flavored pies. You will get to explore local food markets and meander the stalls looking for rare goodies to take home as souvenirs. Best of all, you will get to test your adventurous palate with the opportunity to try the Greek version of sweetbreads, kokoretsi.

If you're worried about missing out on quality time to go sightseeing, don't be. In addition to all the amazing food, your guide will take you past some of the most historic districts in Athens. So if you like to eat new things, see new places, and learn about local food culture, this tour is absolutely for you!