In This Austin Bar It's Christmas All Year Round

Christmas is celebrated every year, and the whole month leading up to the special day is a magical time of the year. Colorful lights are scattered across neighborhoods and cities, seasonal lattes are available to warm our hearts, and the Christmas trees that stand tall in our living rooms create a charming and cozy feeling. However, the days and months after Christmas can be depressing to some. It gets colder, homeowners and businesses begin to tear down their holiday lights and decorations, and the peppermint mocha you adore is now unavailable. 

However, what if we told you there's a place that celebrates Christmas all year long? We're talking about Lala's Little Nugget, a cozy holiday bar nestled in Austin, Texas. As you walk up to the property, you'll immediately notice the iconic Santa sleigh and reindeer decor on top, as well as a mural of Santa Claus holding a guitar with the words "Keep Austin Jolly." If you love Christmas, check out the other fun features this cheerful bar has to offer.

Christmas palooza

Lala's Little Nugget opened in 1972, and the inside is designed from head to toe with Christmas decor, per Lala's Little Nugget. From the many Christmas trees and red walls to the hanging ornaments and lights, it's hard not to feel cheerful in this space as you sip on a cocktail and hang out with friends. The bar is also known for its annual parties, such as Half Christmas, Zombie Christmas, Lala's Anniversary Party, and Lala's Christmas Bash. Customers can also book their own private party.

Of course, the bar also offers holiday-themed drinks, such as Naughty Nugget, Lump of Coal, Gingerbread, Berry Christmas, and Grandma's Boozy Eggnog — which is allegedly made with Santa's secret recipe. Though the food doesn't seem to be holiday themed, there is a variety of pizza and other Italian dishes to warm you up and accompany your drinks. Don't even try to make a reservation during November or December here, guests are only accepted on a first come first serve basis, allowing everyone to get in on the holiday cheer.

What people are saying

Lala's Little Nugget currently holds a 4-star review on Yelp, with several reviewers saying they were happy about their experience and claimed they would go back. "Great drinks, great service, and great ambiance! My boyfriend and I came here for the Christmas decor and it definitely didn't disappoint! The drinks were great! Would definitely come again," Julianne K. said. Others said they enjoyed the friendly service and noted that this bar puts them in a festive mood, even when it's not the end of the year.

On Instagram, Lala's Little Nugget currently has over 5,700 followers, with countless posts showcasing their events and decor. Their comment sections are filled with people who state they can't wait to visit, and others saying they need to visit and purchase one of the hundreds of ornaments used to decorate the walls. The bar definitely seems like a place worth giving a shot if you enjoy Christmas, holiday-themed drinks, and countless decorations.