A Walk Around The World

How long does it take to walk around the globe? If you're Jean Béliveau, an ex-neon sign salesman from Quebec, it takes 11 years (plus 1 cart, 54 pairs of shoes and the help of countless strangers). That's what he began to find out on his 45th birthday, when, in a very Forrest Gump-like move, Béliveau started walking...and then kept going (and going, and going), eventually trekking 46,603 miles through 64 countries. Quite possibly, it's some sort of distance-without-returning-home record, though he doesn't plan to submit the feat to Guinnness.

Gadling nabbed an interview with the worldwide walking man to talk about his journey, the wife he left at home (who waited for him to return) and his upcoming book.

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