The Most Dramatic Shorelines In The U.S.

Standing on the edge of a gigantic bluff overlooking the sea, the breeze continues to roll in as the sun dips toward the horizon. If this is a scene you could only imagine in a foreign country, than you should take a look at the dramatic shorelines in the U.S. [slideshow:63494]

Sometimes great undiscovered treasure is waiting right in our own backyards and the views from these coastlines certainly qualify for that category. If you have yet to see these views for yourself, now is the time to go.

From Alaska to Maine, the American coast features plenty of beautiful landscapes, many of which seem almost otherworldly. Sandy beaches, towering mountain peaks and ancient forest meet ocean water in a spectacular display worthy of a cross-country trip. When you're ready to hit the road, start with our list of the most dramatic shoreline in the country.

Newport, R.I.

Known for grand mansions and historic ports, this seaside city is also home to some beautiful coastline, which is dotted with old lighthouses to protect passing ships. Visitors can tour some of these sea beacons, but the Castle Hill Lighthouse (pictured) is closed to the public.

Channel Islands National Park, Calif.

The five islands off the coast of California that make up Channel Islands National Park are just an hour-long boat ride away, but those who visit say it feels like a different world. The rugged coastlines and undeveloped beaches take visitors back in time and reconnect them with the natural world.

8 other Dramatic Shorelines in the U.S.

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