Weekend Trips We Wish Our Parents Had Taken Us On When We Were Kids

When you were a kid, you always wished for a weekend adventure. Whether it was a trip to Disneyland, SeaWorld, or just your grandparents' house upstate, you wanted to spend the two days you weren't in school doing something fun.[slideshow:104620]

You might have wished to explore the big city or spend a couple of days at the beach. Perhaps a weekend at a theme park was all you had been saving your allowance for, maybe for a whole month.

We asked The Active Times team what trips they wish they had gone on when they were kids, and the answers might seem more than a little familiar if you grew up in America. From Cape Cod to the Wisconsin Dells, all the way to San Diego and everywhere in between, as kids we just wanted to explore.

Now that we're adults, we can take weekend trips like this when we can afford to, and do all the fun stuff we wish we could have done as kids and then some. Nothing says I'm an adult living my dreams quite like drinking an alcoholic beverage at a theme park because you can — talk about the Happiest Place on Earth! Get ready to reminisce or plan a new adventure.

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