The Dirtiest Beaches In The U.S.

North Point Marina North Beach, Illinois

Although it is said to be making improvements, North Point Marina is still the largest marina on the Great Lakes and a marina this size ultimately results in a large amount of pollution.

Ropes Park, Texas

Caller Times explains, "Texas was ranked 18th in beach water quality nationally with 6 percent of its water samples exceeding state daily bacteria standards, according to a report by the [NRDC]."  Ropes Park is among the six beaches in the area with the worst water quality. Others include Cole Park and Emerald Beach.

Malibu Pier, California

Malibu Pier is a Grade C beach in Los Angeles County. It has been reported that the beach quality has been inconsistent, the water has encountered persistent contamination problems, and pollution has become a great concern.

Beachwood Beach West, New Jersey

New Jersey has become a repeat offender when it comes to their water quality. In 2005 only 1 percent of their water exceeded national standards. Since then, the number has risen. Beachwood Beach West is a small beach that sits on the Jersey shore, and reports have shown it is one of the dirtiest in the country.

Villa Angela State Park, Ohio

Villa Angela State Park is a publicly owned, publicly accessed beach. This could be one of the major reasons why for the past six years it has been reported under advisory due to its high bacteria levels ( Since 2011, it has been monitored in regular intervals, 7 times per week by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

Ontario Beach, New York

Ontario Beach is located in Rochester, New York. According to City Newspaper, 40 percent of 248 samples from the Ontario Beach didn't meet the federal beach water safety guidelines in 2014. Reports have said that one of the biggest contributors to water pollution have been storm water runoff.

Doheny State Beach, California

Be careful when swimming and surfing in Orange County's Doheny State Beach. It has been found to have contaminated water. According to The Orange County Register in 2013, "Doheny State Beach has long been called one of the dirtiest beaches in California," and "warning signs riveted to the backs of lifeguard towers on Doheny caution bathers and surfers about the bacteria levels in the water."

Cockle Cove Creek, Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Cockle Cove Creek is frequently visited by families, but family trips to this beach should definitely be reconsidered as pollution standards have not been met. They still have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Eichelman Beach, Wisconsin

Eichelman Beach has been reported to have persistent contamination issues. According to a 2011 release from Wisconsin Environment, pollution from storm water runoff and sewage overflows continue to plague Wisconsin's beaches. They explain, the beach water is tainted with oil and human and animal waste.

Main Street Beach, Chautauqua County, New York

Many New Yorkers can't wait for the summer to head to the beach. Unfortunately, Main Street Beach is not the best option. It has been reported that Main Street Beach is one of the nation's repeat offenders for water pollution. Try visiting Bennett Beach instead.

South Shore Beach, Wisconsin

In 2014 the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reported, "Milwaukee's South Shore Beach was designated as one of 17 "repeat offender" beaches that have experienced chronic water quality problems for the past five years." They explain, it's important to avoid swimming during or after a rainstorm because viruses and bacteria in polluted water can cause illness.

Keaton Beach, Florida

Keaton Beach has been a common destination for visitors and we all know Florida is known for their beautiful beaches. However, Keaton Beach in Taylor County is one to steer clear of. Boats, animal waste, and stormwater have been the cause of massive pollution and according to, Keaton Beach has stood out for having persistent contamination problems (2006-2010).

Winnetka Elder Park Beach, Illinois

Reports have concluded that Winnetka Elder Beach is among the dirtiest beaches in the state. "The Chicago Park District, which oversees the city's beaches, banned swimming at 37 beaches last year, the Chicago Tribune reported. There were 83 closed beaches in 2007 and 79 closed beaches in 2006 (NBC Chicago)."

Woodlawn Beach, New York

Woodlawn Beach is located in Erie County, New York. In 2012 it was named one of the dirtiest beaches in the country. One Yelp review explains, "most times I've showed up to soak up the sun the beach has been closed due to contamination in the water. They've had far too many outbreaks but definitely a good thing that they remain closed."