The Best Beaches In California

The Best Beaches in California

California is well known for a variety of things – famous landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite National Park, Hollywood, mountains and, of course, beautiful beaches.

Go surfing on one of the best beaches for big waves, Ghost Tree, Pebble Beach; visit Yosemite National Park for one of the best national park beaches in the country, and explore Shelter Cove, one of the most spectacular black sand beaches in the world.

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Laguna Beach, Orange County

Choosing just one shore in Laguna Beach was nearly impossible. They are known for their beautiful cove beaches – Thousand Steps, Victoria Beach and Crecent Bay. But the best beach is Main Beach; play volleyball, try a new watersport and go shopping close by.

Shelter Cove

Shelter Cove is one of the most spectacular black sand beaches in the world. It is a secluded beach featuring approximately 3.5 miles of black sand and offshore reefs that is only accessible by boat or plane. It is also comprised of a small fishing community designed for a peaceful getaway.

Wildcat Beach

This is a difficult beach to get to; you have to hike over 5 miles, but the journey is totally worth it. Enjoy the beautiful 2.5 mile long beach, stay at the Wildcat Campground overnight and go backpacking, mountain biking, beachcombing and visit Alamere Falls.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is one of the most frequently visited national parks in the country. Among the variety of outdoor activities to choose from, there is also an incredible beach for relaxation. Float down the Merced River and have a picnic at Cathedral and Sentinel Beach. Make sure to view Sentinel Falls, go swimming, sunbathing and view tons of nature and wildlife.

Catalina Island, Los Angeles

Catalina Island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in all of California. Visit Descanso beach for incredible snorkeling opportunities, South Beach for the ultimate relaxation and Middle Beach for scenic views. Other beaches to visit include Step Beach and Two Harbors Beaches.

Newport Beach, Orange County

Newport Beach is a 5-mile long beach. It is one of the cleanest beaches in the United States. Its water is frequently monitored, making it the perfect beach for aquatic sport activities. Go on a sunset cruise, try stand-up paddle boarding, surf in the ocean and visit the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve. Also go biking on the Newport-Balboa Bike Trail.

Coronado Beach, San Diego

Go surfing, paddle boarding, swimming and sunbathing at Coronado Beach. It runs along Ocean Boulevard, making for an incredible scenic view of luxurious homes and mansions. A review on Yelp said: "It's the cleanest beach in San Diego and has the best sand and it's a very big beach you don't feel crowded at all."

Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Venice Beach is well-known for its lively 3-mile boardwalk that stretches along the length of the beach. It's full of unique shops, street performers and tons of courts for outdoor sports. A recent review on TripAdvisor said: "Amazingly crazy cool. A full of life beach. You can find everything for everybody: gifts, souvenir, massage, sunglasses, entertainment, skateboarders, and more."

Ghost Tree- Pebble Beach

If you are an avid surfer, look no further than Ghost Tree. It is one of the best beaches for big wave surfing. It got its name because months can go by and you would never see a wave, then out of nowhere, a powerful wave will appear. Pebble Beach specifically, is famous for their beautiful coastline and 17-mile drive down California's coast.

Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles

Located in Los Angeles is the gorgeous Hermosa Beach. Visitors travel there for sunbathing, paddle boarding and incredible surfing opportunities. The average temperature of the water in the summer is around 70 degrees and 55 degrees in the winter. "This beach is so picturesque! Soft white sand, clean, and close in proximity to restaurants, shops, bars etc.," according to a review on Yelp.