20 Adorable Animal Babies You Didn't Even Know Existed (Until Now)

Obviously, you knew all animals had to be babies at some point. Even the most fearsome cobra, wildebeest, or jaguar was at one point a tiny baby. You just probably never realized how stinkin' cute some of them are at that age. Aside from puppies, kitties, piglets, and baby monkeys, there is a whole world out there of adorable tiny baby animals you totally need to see. Sure, a majestic tiger prowling through the savannah is awe-inspiring, but nothing is more awww-inspiring than a fluffy baby gibbon or a teeny tiny infant bat swaddled tightly against its mother. Some of these animals you may have heard of, some may be brand new. It's not every day you come across a dik-dik, let alone a baby one.

Baby Alpaca

Alpacas can mainly be found in the Andes of southern Peru, western Bolivia, Ecuador, and northern Chile. These fluffy animals have fur that's excellent for making things like woven blankets, knit sweaters, hats, scarves, and more. These guys are typically smaller than llamas, which means the babies are extra small and so cute. Look at that face!

Baby Anteater

We bet you never knew a baby anteater could be so cute! Baby anteaters are called "pups," and anteater mothers typically have only one pup per year. Look at those teeny goofy ears!

Baby Bat

Typically, people are afraid of bats. But look at this face! How could you be afraid of this furry face! Occasionally, female bats will give birth to twin bat "pups," which means double the flying cuteness. People who are fans of bats flock to Austin, Texas, to see thousands of bats fly through the night from under a bridge.

Baby Bearded Dragon

Lizards are already pretty cute, but baby bearded dragons take the cake. They're so cute we could just gobble them up! Unfortunately, they're territorial creatures, and if you wanted to keep a few as pets, you'd definitely need to separate the adults from the babies before they gobble them up.

Baby Chinchilla

Is this just a tiny ball of fluff? No! It's a baby chinchilla! This teacup-sized animal with the absolute softest fur is born with fully open eyes and all of its hair. Plus, they keep all that fur clean by washing themselves with dust, not water or spit.

Baby Crocodile

They're just so silly looking! Though they may grow up to be fierce, baby crocodiles are adorably called "hatchlings," due to the way they hatch from an egg. These tiny guys make squeaking noises to communicate.

Baby Dik-dik

The dik-dik is the general name for four species of small antelopes that live in eastern and southern Africa. They look kind of like a deer mated with an antelope and produced the cutest animal baby on the planet.

Baby Donkey

Hear us out, we know adult donkeys are smelly and big and kind of ugly. Baby donkeys are ridiculously adorable. They have enormous heads for their little bodies, and they're so silly and playful! We bet you love donkeys now.

Baby Gibbon

A gibbon is a kind of monkey that is typically fairly small. A baby gibbon is hilariously tiny, with a scrunched silly little monkey baby face. They grow up to be super hairy, but when they're born they're just so tiny and sleek.

Baby Lemur

When lemurs are born, they weigh about 100 grams, which is about equal to the weight of a cup of water. Their wide eyes seem to take up most of their little face!

Baby Manatee

If you've ever visited the Floridian coast, perhaps you've seen a manatee calf swimming through the water. These young sea cows stay close to their mother for the first one to two years of their life. With their smooshed faces and curious dispositions, they're some of the friendliest creatures you'd ever find in the water.

Baby Owl

Look at this squat little mess of feathers! Baby owls are called "owlets," and they're just so adorable and fuzzy looking!

Baby Platypus

There is probably nothing cuter than a baby platypus. Like, this might be the cutest photo you'll see all day. They look kind of like a duck, kind of like an otter, and kind of like a beaver. The babies are adorably chubby and little and round! These weirdos were first found in Australia, and are actually venomous — but only if they're male. 

Baby Pufferfish

You will never see anything this tiny or cute in your life. It may be the second most poisonous creature on the planet, but please look at its silly enormous eyes! It's smiling at you.

Baby Raccoon

Most likely to be found rooting through your trash, baby raccoons are adorable until they grow up to hiss at you and eat all your garbage. These tiny bandits are called cubs and are born in litters of up to seven.

Baby Skunk

Yes, they stink. But they're also stinkin' cute! Don't worry, they won't learn how to use their defensive spray for the first few weeks of their life, so it's probably safer to coo and "aww" at a baby from a close distance.

Baby Sloth

People love the adult version of these slow-moving creatures for how chill they are, but they don't realize how tiny and precious a baby sloth is! With its wet little nose and humongous eyes, baby sloths look like they're meant to be cuddled.

Baby Snake

Don't be afraid! Baby snakes are super cute. They hatch from little eggs and are only a few inches long, but they have silly little faces and tongues. Awwww.

Baby Walrus

Adult walruses are not so cute, but baby walruses definitely are. These wrinkly, mustachioed babies are playful and adorable and so, so cute!

Baby Wombat

For the uneducated, a wombat is a plant-eating Australian marsupial. They are insanely adorable and chubby and short-legged. They have been known to smile in photos with tourists! The baby versions of these bear-like creatures are tiny and precious! Frequently American zoos have a wombat habitat you can visit