These Beautiful Photos Will Show You Just How Terrifying Mother Nature Can Be


Dorothy got lucky. The violence of a tornado is no fairy tale. Wind speeds can reach more than 300 miles per hour and tornadoes can stretch to more than two miles wide.


Winds can increase in many different types of storms. But, even on a stroll through the city you can feel Mother Nature roar. 


Snow can be a majestic gem that creates beauty in all it touches. That is, until a blizzard comes around and causes a white storm of chaos. 


Earthquakes are no laughing matter. They can crack the ground whole and prove that no matter what man-made object lays on it, the earth is still an unpredictable creature.


Roaring and belching like a mouth of a dragon, volcanoes can wipe out thousands of unprepared people. Some seek the thrill of exploring these dangerous craters, but be careful of the rumbling sound of seismic activity.


This seismic sea wave can wipe out towns, cities, and even islands. The strength of the ocean during this storm is a power that can not be defeated.


Summer by the lake is a joyful and relaxing time. But bring the lake to your front yard, basement, park, and workplace; not so entertaining. But, nature chooses just how much rain is enough, and sometimes it is much more than you planned for.


A view from above, the power of a hurricane is absolutely incredible. The tropical cyclone grows and travels to reach and affect a vast area of the world.


When we think of electricty, we tend to forget it happened in nature first. This powerful flow lights the sky in its charging glory. It leaves beauty or destruction behind depending on what it hits.