That's Flippin' Awesome!

Kimmy Fasani was the first female snowboarder to land a double backflip in the park and backcountry—a tremendous achievement in women's snowboarding. Since then she's focused on riding natural terrain in the backcountry, married pro skier Chris Benchetler and joined Burton's Global Team.

Tell us about the first female double backflip.
The first double backflip I landed was in the backcountry of Silverton, CO in January 2011, then I landed a few in the Mammoth Unbound Park last spring. I am always trying to think of new ways to push myself and my snowboarding. The double backflip was something I wanted to try for a while and after thinking about it for almost a year, I decided to give it a try.

Do you think the double has influenced women's snowboarding?
I don't know if the double has inspired women's snowboarding, but I do hope that all the exposure the trick got shows women that we are capable of doing whatever we put our minds to. I am passionate progressing women's snowboarding, and happy to be part of it. 

How's your transition to the Burton Global Team been?
Transitioning to the Burton Global Team was a dream come true. Burton approached me and asked if I would have any interest in representing their [AK] line for women. This was an opportunity I couldn't pass up, especially because of the direction I want to take my snowboarding.

What's changed for you since joining Burton?
I am on a team with incredibly talented women who I look up to and am inspired by. I have been given a voice in women's snowboarding and am able to share my adventures and passion with other women on

What have you been up to this season?
I've spent the majority of my season in the Northwest working in the backcountry and waiting for blue skies to break over Whistler. My number one goal is to put together a well-rounded video part this season. My focus changed from jumping in the backcountry to trying a lot more natural features. I have been filming with Standard Films and I've also had the chance to work with my husband.

Any successes or frustrations so far?
Filming with Chris and his Nimbus Independent crew has been a huge highlight, because they are teaching me how to read the mountain and pick out natural features. The inconsistent weather (grey skies) have been a bit frustrating this year, but I have had a lot of soul-shredding powder days to balance it out.

Everyone always wants to know about the mister—how has marriage affected your career?
Mr. Benchetler is doing great. (He's recovered from a broken collarbone). This is the first time in our careers that we have worked together in the backcountry. Marriage has been better than we both could have imagined. Working with him in the backcountry has taught me a lot and definitely given me more confidence.