Places To Go Before You Have Kids

Kids are said to be a source of joy for many parents—they're cute, they say the most ridiculous things and they're great come tax season. But there's no denying it—there are drawbacks to parenthood. At the top of the list is a loss of independence. Young travelers can go pretty much anywhere and do almost anything with limited repercussions, because they don't have inescapable responsibilities. Having a child of your own, however, means taking on the biggest responsibility of all and that can put a major kink in your travel plans. [slideshow:1128]

Parents passionate about travel might have to hold off on far away adventures for a while. Whether it be for financial reasons or because traveling with kids can be tricky, some parents might not travel for a few years.

Even those up for the challenge of traveling with tykes will need to seriously amend their schedule to fit in naps, their itinerary to keep the kids happy and really consider their destination. Can you bring kids to the party capital of the world or the last great wilderness in the U.S.? Sure you can, but the more important question is would you want to?

There are some adventures, sights and experiences that are best done without little ones in tow. How is a toddler going to handle a 13-hour flight, for example, and will you really enjoy Vegas when you're camped out in a kids arcade instead of the casino?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you have kids. Take a look at these places you need to go and then plan a trip while you're still kid-free.

Ibiza, Spain

There's a reason this Spanish island regularly tops lists as the best party destination in the universe—with some of the best and biggest clubs, underground parties and celebrations right on the beach, Ibiza caters to  just about anyone looking for an unforgettable night out. The island is home to lower-key jazz joints and hosts some amazing local music, in addition to the world famous DJs and performers that can be found at the major clubs. The party doesn't stop when the sun comes up either, relax or continue partying on Ibiza's never-ending coastline. Rent a moped, ask a local about the lesser-known beaches and explore some of the hidden gems around the island.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Breathtaking scenery worthy of the silver screen is just the first of the many reasons you need to visit to New Zealand—the 13-hour flight from the West Coast is the first reason you should go without kids.

Adventure seekers will find Queenstown particularly remarkable for its variety of thrilling activities. Bungee jump from the infamous Kawarau Bridge, sky dive from 14,000 feet above the stunning landscape and white water raft the Shotover River—those are just some of the things that will get your heart pumping. After you've exhausted your sense of adventure, enjoy some wine at one of the region's many wineries and be sure to check out the country's largest underground wine cave.

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