The Last Blockbuster Is An Airbnb, And You Can Stay There For $4

Before streaming services sent Blockbuster to the big VHS player in the sky, the movie rental chain was a beloved institution. With the rise of Netflix, Hulu and other online video platforms, every location closed — except for one. It's in Bend, Oregon, and you can stay there for just $4 a night.

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The "End of Summer Sleepover at the Last BLOCKBUSTER" experience is bookable through Airbnb and yes, it's literally only $4 per night. So, what can you expect? A full pull-out couch, air mattress, bean bags and "new releases" from the '90s. If a movie marathon isn't in the stars, you can play video games or blast the boombox.

No sleepover is complete without snacks, so guests can help themselves to a two-liter of Pepsi, Nerds, Raisinets, heavily buttered popcorn and pizza. If you need to use the loo, the half-bath employee restroom is available. Store manager Sandi Harding suggests that you don't recite "Bloody Mary" in there or the break room because you'll summon an alleged ghost that haunts the place.

Because of COVID-19, the store can only accommodate up to four guests from the same household in Deschutes County. Those who are qualified can request to book one night stays on Sept. 18, 19 and 20. Check in is at 9:30 p.m., and checkout is 9 a.m. Face coverings, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer will be provided upon arrival.

If you're feeling bummed because you don't live in Oregon, join the club. Let the memory of Blockbuster live on by calling the store for tailored movie suggestions to watch in your own home, or shop its merchandise collection online. And if you've still got an itch for the old days that you just can't scratch, catch a flick at these drive-in movie theaters that feel like stepping back in time.