Amazing Tiny Homes Around The World

Across the world you can find beautiful blue waters, breathtaking sunsets and incredible mountains. And people in the tiny houses get to witness all of the planet's natural beauty first hand. From being perched on top of a lake to being wedged between two gigantic rocks, these are some of the most amazing tiny homes around the world. 

A red cabin sits by a lake in Stockholm, one of the safest cities in the world.

Small home with endless land

This tiny house doesn't have to worry about indoor gardening, being situated next to a lake and surrounded by outdoor space is perfect for growing vegetables, flowers and everything in between.

Snow-covered cabin

Surrounded by snow, this winterized home is ready for the cold weather.

Tiny house with a porch

A staycation never looked so cozy. This tiny house boasts a small porch and wheels, ready to travel anywhere the resident desires.

Wood-paneled modern house

Tiny houses don't have to be rustic. This modern tiny house with glass windows and a washer sits in a backyard with patio furniture.

Off-the-grid home

A gray, tiny home sits in the middle of the woods, surrounded by miles of trees.

Home on logs

This uniquely shaped home sits atop two giant logs in the Netherlands — one of the best destinations to visit in the summer.

Triangle house

This triangle house in the forest is equipped with a small porch, glass paneling and a place to chop firewood.

Country cottage

A beautiful red cottage with a wooden well and trees is the perfect place to play backyard games on a warm summer day.

Rustic cabin

If you're looking to de-stress, this rustic log cabin would be the place to do so. Surrounded by trees and firewood, this would be the ideal spot to relax.

Rolling hills

You could camp out every night in this small, triangular home with nearby mountains and trees in the background.

Winter wonderland

This snow-covered tiny house looks calm and well-lit on a winter night in the woods.

Cabin by the sea

A small cabin sits next to a spectacular lake while the sun slowly sets.

Modern home at dusk

This modern tiny house, with a beautiful backyard, is painted a light tan color. Painting walls light colors is one hack that can make a small room look bigger.

Wooden cabin in the forest

This wooden cabin, situated in the middle of the forest, is perfect for nature-lovers — and it's likely close to some incredible hiking trails.

Greener pastures

A small house looks welcoming as it stands in a beautiful garden surrounded by pasture and trees.

Well-lit tiny home

This tiny house is perfect if you want to take a road trip or simply park it in front of a great sunset. All you need is a vehicle to pull the house and you're ready to go.

House on the lake

This quaint, tiny house is perfectly situated in a beautiful lake town.

Semicircle wooden home

Imagine having a date night dinner in this dainty and uniquely shaped home in the woods.

Tiny treehouse

Towering over trees and overlooking mountains, this beautiful treehouse will make your childhood dreams come true.

Fisherman’s home

This log cabin with a wooden bridge sits on a tiny island in Ukraine — home to one of the most breathtaking abandoned places on earth.

Wooden triangle house

This tiny home, which faces a lake and mossy trees, looks like it's from a storybook.

Glass-windowed tiny home

A tiny house equipped with glass windows sits in the backyard at night surrounded by trees and party lights.

Dreamy small home

This upcycled small house looks like a dream and is surrounded by a lake, mountains and purple flowers.

Green house with a view

A small house in Alaska — one of the coldest places in the world — is illuminated by the northern lights.

Quaint Alaskan house

Alaska is one of the best relaxing places to visit when you retire, though this tiny wooden house makes the destination look desirable long term.

Mountain view

A small house sits next to a snow-covered mountain on a cloudy day.

Hobbit house

Known as the Fafe Hobbit house, this tiny home was built between two big rocks in Portugal, one place you need to visit in your lifetime.

Follow the bike path home

This tiny home isn't the only cool thing you can see in the Netherlands. The country is also one of the best places in the world to see beautiful spring flowers.

Little house in the woods

A small home with a green door and red shutters sits in the woods.

Traditional Portuguese home

This colorful traditional tiny house is located in Madeira, Portugal, home to one of the scariest airport runways in the world.

Yurt house

A tiny yurt house is covered with snow in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson Hole is home to one of the most popular ski resorts in America.

A dreamy view

This small, red house is surrounded by the blue water reflecting the sun.

Rocky river home

A small, wooden house sits along a rocky river. If you think this tiny house is an incredible feat, then you have to check out the most beautiful homes, tallest bridges and more modern marvels across America.