Longest Recreational Trail In The World: Where To Go On The Hike Of Lifetime

Hiking is a favorite pastime throughout the world, with many American states and other countries having designated trails that span picturesque parks, enchanting forests and beautiful coastlines. While many hiking paths are contained within a single park or natural reserve, some span multiple states, countries and even entire continents. The longest recreational trail on the planet runs across one of the largest countries in size: Canada.

Scenic Beginner Hiking Trails in America's National Parks

Running through 13 Canadian provinces and territories, the Great Trail of Canada — formerly known as the Trans Canada Trail — is more than 15,000 miles long. The trail connects the nation so well that four out of five Canadians live within half an hour of its breathtaking views.

With urban, rural and wild landscapes, the trail as a whole is quite varied and has both waterways as well as roadways and paths through greenery. In addition to hiking, there is also cycling, horseback riding, paddling, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling down the Great Trail of Canada. This amazing trail is just one of many of the longest hiking trails around the world.