The Most Spectacular Winter Hikes

Mount Ellinor Trail

Location: Washington, Olympic National Forest

The Mount Ellinor Trail is one of the most popular summer hikes. However, it is often overlooked as one of the most amazing winter hikes! When beginning your hike you have the option to take the upper or lower trailheads which both merge together at 3,900 feet. By this point I hope you have your camera! Here is where you will view the many panoramic viewpoints! Some of which include, views of, Mount Washington, Mount Rainier, Mt St Helens, Mount Adams and Mount Olympus.

South Rim Loop

Location: Texas, Big Bend National Park.

The South Rim Loop is a bit more challenging. This trail is about 12-14.5 miles round trip. You can choose to backpack or take a day hike. Along with the South Rim Loop, Big Bend National Park offers you the opportunity to admire hundreds of bird species and the large amount of 500 million year old rocks. So, if you're into geology, you don't want to pass up the South Rim Loop in the Big Bend National park!

Fairyland Loop

Location: Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park

Fairyland Point is where you will begin your hike on the Fairyland Loop Trail. Bring your camera to capture the amazing views. Pass through gardens of spires and sculptures and hike along the rim of the canyon. Hike takes about 3 ½ hours to complete. *Bonus: Bryce Canyon National Park gets plenty of snow and is a very popular cross-country ski area.


Harding Icefield Trail

Location: Alaska, Kenai Fjords National Park.

The Harding Icefield Trail is a beautiful day hike. This is an extremely difficult trail, taking about 8-6 hours to complete. According to the National Park Service, "Be prepared to see incredible views of the Icefield. *Bonus: There is a Large black bear population in the winter, enjoy the excitement, but also take precaution!

Gorham Mountain Trail

Location: Maine, Acadia National Park

Gorham Mountain Trail has a 525 foot summit. The hike begins easy, gradually becoming harder and more rugged as you continue. Hike the trail and get amazing views of Otter Point, Otter Cliff, Baker Island and Cranberry Islands. In the winter, go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.


Seven Hollows Trail

Location: Arkansas, Petit Jean State Park

Seven Hollows Trail is a moderate winter hike. Throughout your journey you will pass small canyons and through hardwood forests and geological formations. There are many hikes in Petit Jean State Park and there is a variety of lodging available. *Bonus: Bring your dogs! Yes, they are also able to use this trail. But don't forget to keep them on a leash!

Mirror Lake Trail

Location: California, Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite is open all year round and quiet during the winter months. This makes it the perfect time of year to go hiking! The Mirror Lake Trail leads to Mirror Lake. Bring your camera to capture the lakes beauty, it is frozen over, and the trees and cliffs are covered in snow.

Rowdy Bend Trail

Location: Florida, Everglades National Park

Florida's The Rowdy Bend Trail offers amazing winter hiking. The average temperature in the winter is a high of 77 degrees and a low of 53 degrees. Therefore, you could only imagine why it is extremely popular during the winter months. The trail is 2.6 miles one way. Bonus: Lookout for the birds, Woodland bird watching is extremely popular.

Emerald Pools Trail

Location: Utah, Zion National Park

Round trip 3 miles. 2 trails, Lower Emerald Pool Trail where you can get a more scenic experience or the Middle Emerald Pool Trail which is steeper . Upper Emerald Pool, very steep, on the cliff side. Views of the Red Arch Mountain, Mount Majestic and Cathedral Mountain. *Bonus: Check out the east side of Zion National Park, it is the perfect photo location.

Hermit Trail

Location: Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park.

The Hermit Trail is an easier trail to follow. Follow the trail and check out spectacular views of the Canyon covered in snow. Hike the entire trail (9 miles) and reach the Colorado River. Bonus: Are looking to stay and experience Grand Canyon National Park for multiple nights? If you're answer is yes, make sure to stay at the Hermit Creek Campground.

Grinnell Glacier

Location: Montana, Glacier National Park.

Grinnell Glacier trail is about 11.6 miles round trip. As you are following the trail make sure to stay to the right, this will take you along Lake Josephine.Don't forget to stop and enjoy the view, as you hike past the lakes and hillsides. Oh and did I mention, the incredible waterfall views and glaciers surrounding you?