5 Incredible Camping Recipes Anyone Can Make

As the weather turns, most people are finishing up their last few camping trips of the season. Before you head out on your last trip, check out these incredible (and incredibly simple) recipes anyone can make. These easy meals are big on flavor and the campfire cooking is sure to keep you warm. Try these five recipes on your next overnight trip into the great outdoors.

Easy Omelets

You'll need eggs, add-ons, big freezer bags and a pot of boiling water.

Start by putting a pot of water on to boil and while the water is heating up, crack two (or three) eggs into a bag. Bring out your add-ons (think bacon, cheese, tomato, mushroom, and so on) and toss them in the bag. Stir it all up until it's mixed together and get the extra air out of the bag and close it. When all the air is out and the water is boiling, dumb the bag into the water and allow it to cook for 10 to 12 minutes (or until the eggs are cooked through). When it's all done, put it on the plate, season as you like and enjoy.

BBQ Burgers

You'll need ground beef, BBQ sauce, buns, add-ons, and a grill grate or frying pan.

Start by getting the fire going and then burning it down to hot coals. Set up either a grill grate or frying pan over the coals and put your burgers together. Mix the ground beef with BBQ sauce (it will hold the meat together on the grill) and add your own touch—we recommend bread crumbs and garlic. When you're ready to cook, throw the burgers on the grill and flip every few minutes. Once the burger reaches your desired temperature, pull it off the grill, get it onto a bun and add your toppings (and some extra BBQ sauce).

Pocket Dinners

You'll need tin foil, your choice of meat, vegetables and any sauce you choose.

Start by filling a small square of tinfoil with your choice of meats and vegetables. You might want to double wrap the ingredients in tinfoil to prevent them from burning. The beauty of this recipe is that "Each pocket is customizable and fun to eat," said Maddie Pass of the National Association of RV's and Campgrounds. "[And] the best part is when you're done there are no dishes to clean."

Toasted Sandwiches

You'll need bread, butter, your choice of meat and cheese.

There is cooking equipment out there specifically for making toasted sandwiches, but a simple pan will work too. Once you've got your coals hot and the pan over the coals, butter your slices of bread and add the meat, cheese and whatever other add-ons you'd like. Put the sandwich in the pan and keep a close eye on it to keep it from burning. Flip regularly and when it's crisp, take it off the pan and enjoy.

Banana Boats

You'll need a banana, marshmallows, chocolate chips and foil.

Start by slicing the banana long ways, while it's still in its peel and then double wrap it with foil. In the slice, add marshmallows and chocolate chips and then cover (loosely) with the foil. Set it on hot coals for six to eight minutes and when it's done unwrap and enjoy it right out of the peel.

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