The Hardest-Working Cities In America

Hard work is embedded in American culture. In fact, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the U.S. ranks 10th in the number of hours worked per country (Mexico, Costa Rica and Korea took the top three spots). On average, American workers spend 1,779 hours on the job each year, and WalletHub broke that down even further to find out where the hardest-working people live across the 50 states.


To determine where the hardest-working Americans live, WalletHub compared 116 of the most populated cities across direct work factors and indirect work factors. These feature a combined 11 metrics graded on a 100-point scale with 100 representing "hardest-working." These metrics, which are differently weighted, include average workweek hours, employment rate, households where no adults work, workers leaving vacation time unused, engaged workers (or those who are enthusiastic about their work), idle youth (ages 16 to 24), average commute time, workers with multiple jobs, annual volunteer hours per resident, residents who participate in local groups or organizations and average leisure time spent per day.

#30 Charlotte, North Carolina

Scoring 67.58 out of 100, Charlotte, North Carolina, takes the No. 30 spot for hardest-working cities in America. Unfortunately, all that hard work also comes with a lengthy average commute time of 27.4 minutes.

#29 Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina, home to one of the most devastating winter storms in history, is the 29th hardest-working city, scoring 67.60.

#28 Seattle, Washington

The pet-friendly city of Seattle scored 67.65, earning the No. 28 rank among the hardest-working places to live.

#27 Chandler, Arizona

Chandler, Arizona, is one of the best cities to find work based on the job market and socioeconomics, so it comes as no surprise that it's also one of the hardest-working cities. It ranks No. 27 with a score of 67.85.

#26 Garland, Texas

Coming in at No. 26 with a score of 67.89 is Garland, Texas. As a whole, the state is also a top contender for most six-figure income households.

#25 Durham, North Carolina

Those who graduate from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, might go on to join the city's hard-working job force. The Southern locale scored 68.20, landing the No. 25 spot.

#24 Houston, Texas

Houston may be known for delectable regional delicacies (hello, barbecue), but don't sleep on the elbow grease in this city. Coming in at No. 24, it scored a 68.52.

#23 Salt Lake City, Utah

Scoring 68.58 at No. 23 is Salt Lake City, where you'll find the most-visited tourist attraction in the state: Temple Square.

#22 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is one of those places where you can still pull up to a drive-in movie theater. The people here are hardworking too. They've earned the No. 22 spot with a 69.08 rating.

#21 Arlington, Texas

Coming in at No. 21 is Arlington in the energy-efficient state of Texas — not Virginia. The locale scored a 69.38.

#20 Sioux Falls, South Dakota

It's no mystery that the people of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, are among the hardest working in America. This city comes in at No. 20, scoring a 69.51.

#19 Billings, Montana

In Montana — Minnesota Vikings territory — the city of Billings scored 69.74, landing it the No. 19 spot.

#18 Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii might be the most expensive state to get married in, but Honolulu is the No. 18 hardest-working city in the country. The tropical location scored a 70.30.

#17 Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas, is the No. 17 hardest-working city in America with a score of 70.30. Even better, residents can look forward to the end of their time in the workforce because this state is one of the best places to retire.

#16 Nashville, Tennessee

Not only is Nashville, Tennessee, one of the most romantic cities in the country, but it's also one of the hardest-working. At No. 16, it scored a 70.39.

#15 Portland, Maine

Maine may be known for its incredible seafood shacks, but the city of Portland is putting in work. It scored a 71.22, earning the No. 15 rank.

#14 Chesapeake, Virginia

Chesapeake, Virginia, is the No. 14 hardest-working city in America with a score of 71.35. Doubly impressive, it's also one of the most caring cities in the country.

#13 Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas — home to one of the world's coolest pools — takes the No. 13 spot for hardest-working cities with a score of 71.89.

#12 Aurora, Colorado

In the snowy state of Colorado, Aurora ranks No. 12 among the hardest-working cities in America. It scored a 72.34.

#11 Denver, Colorado

Denver, beloved for its amazing street art, is the No. 11 hardest-working city in America with a score of 73.00.

#10 Plano, Texas

Although it ranks third-worst for working moms, Texas perseveres nonetheless. Plano secured the No. 10 rank for hardest-working cities with a score of 73.28.

#9 Austin, Texas

The Lonestar State is at it again. Austin, Texas, is the No. 9 hardest-working city in the country with a score of 73.94.

#8 Washington, DC

The No. 8 rank goes to Washington, D.C., with a score of 74.46. The nation's capital is also one of the highest-paying locales for registered nurses.

#7 Corpus Christi, Texas

The No. 7 spot belongs to Corpus Christi, Texas, which scored 74.65. This city must've studied up on these red flags employers look for on your resume.

#6 Norfolk, Virginia

A score of 74.79 landed Norfolk, Virginia, in the No. 6 spot for hardest-working cities in America — even if people are remote. Virginia is one of the best states to work from home.

#5 Irving, Texas

Irving, Texas, knows how to boost productivity at work. The city is No. 5 on this list with a score of 75.65.

#4 Cheyenne, Wyoming

With a score of 76.11, the No. 4 hardest-working city is Cheyenne, Wyoming. You can also find the state's top must-try food here: chicken fried steak at Luxury Diner.

#3 Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia is one of the happiest states in the country, and Virginia Beach has some of the hardest-working people. The No. 3 city on this list scored a 76.61.

#2 San Francisco, California

San Francisco is the No. 2 hardest-working city in America with a score of 76.87. The California metro also houses sights you should see before turning 50.

#1 Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska, is the hardest working city in America with an overall score of 80.07. A strong work ethic is admirable, and always doing your best job, even if you think no one will see it, is just one of many valuable life lessons our parents taught us.