Zachary McCarthy

Photo of Zachary McCarthy
Norfolk, VA
James Madison University
Irish History & Travel, Hampton Roads Historical Hotspots, DMV Hiking Destinations
  • Zachary is the managing editor for Static Media's home and travel brands.
  • He has traveled to Ireland, France, and much of the United States.
  • He always travels with his notebook and a pen to quickly jot down poems inspired by the unique locations he visits.


Zachary is a published writer and poet who quickly rose through the ranks at Static Media after starting out as a news writer for House Digest in 2022. He began his writing career as a freelancer specializing in affiliate marketing for products of all types, including travel necessities such as snorkels, suitcases, and fanny packs. At Static Media, Zachary strives to elevate the reader's experience through thorough fact-checking, endless top edits, and an eye for what makes a tantalizing travel article.


As an English major with a minor in Asian studies at James Madison University, Zachary wrote endlessly on Eastern religions and philosophies while fine-tuning his unique writing voice and attention to editorial detail.
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