Vacation Horoscope: Your Zodiac Sign's Perfect Trip

Traveling can be stressful, but there are steps you can take to make your exciting adventures a little bit easier. Sure, packing efficiently ahead of time and double-checking your travel itinerary are smart things to do before your departure. But have you ever tried planning your vacation destination and choosing your travel buddy based on your astrological sign? 

Well, get your passport and your horoscope ready because according to a survey conducted with 3,000 people, here is where you should travel and who you should travel with based on your zodiac sign. 


Aries are adventure seekers — naturally bold and energetic. An ideal vacation for an Aries would be island hopping — and luckily there are even a few islands you can go to without a passport. But one must-visit spot for an Aries is Thailand, one of the best tropical destinations. A Libra is an Aries' ideal travel partner, so make sure to invite one to tag along.


Tauruses are lovers of luxury, at their happiest surrounded by comfort and life's finer things — which is why a shopping spree in Paris is the perfect trip for a Taurus and their favorite Cancer. But no matter where you go or who you choose to go with, be sure to indulge at one of the most expensive restaurants on Earth and stay at one of the world's most spectacular hotels.


Geminis can have fun doing just about anything with just about anyone. They're smart and tend to do things quickly, which makes vacation the perfect opportunity to slow down. Geminis, this year, try heading to Bali, Indonesia. It's the perfect place for a retreat with your best Sagittarius friend and among the 50 destinations everyone should visit in their lifetime.


Cancers are intuitive and fiercely loyal. An ideal vacation for a Cancer is venturing to Cuba to experience the culture. The best time to plan a trip to this hot travel destination is between December and May, when the skies are sunny — which your Virgo travel buddy will love.


Leos are natural-born leaders that are known for their confidence and enthusiasm. Similarly energetic, an Aries should be the one to accompany a Leo on their luxury trip around New York City, where you can spend the day at places where you can spot celebrities and seeking out movie locations you can actually visit


Pack your bags, Virgo, you're going to London. Hard workers who take their responsibilities very seriously, Virgos are certain to plan the perfect vacation filled with an abundance of art. This year, bring a fun-loving Gemini with you. Maybe you'll stumble upon a weird museum you won't believe exists.


Libras just want to take it easy this vacation season. Libras value things running smoothly, which makes going to Amsterdam, Netherlands, with their favorite Pisces the perfect vacation. Amsterdam is one of the leading destinations for cannabis tourism, an adventure not many other places can offer.


Scorpios are equal parts cool and mysterious — which means they have to go on vacation somewhere just as intriguing. This year, Scorpios should let a Capricorn tag along on their relaxing and restorative vacation to Kyoto, Japan, one of the most mesmerizing places on Earth. While you're there, try to hunt down a spa resort worth the splurge.


Sagittarians are fearless. As a fire sign that values freedom and adventure, your vacation should be just that. That's right, you're the sign that's flying solo to Tokyo. Despite being one of the safest cities in the world, there's a lot to explore in this Japanese city. Be sure to eat sushi while in town; it's one of the travel experiences that will change your life. If you choose to bring a friend along with you, make sure they're an Aquarius.


The task-oriented Capricorn values an organized trip that has opportunities for a night on the town. That means Capricorns should take a backpacking trip to Costa Rica, a budget-friendly warm weather destination. Since Capricorns are money conscious, they'll be pleased to know that Costa Rica is a celebrity vacation hotspot they can actually afford. Bring a Taurus along; they're also a water sign.



Where are our Aquarians at? As a zodiac sign that belongs to the air element, Aquarians are independent, easy-going humanitarians. This is why the perfect trip for them would involve volunteering, which is a great way to show gratitude. This year, try volunteering in India with your best Scorpio friend.


Pisces are empathetic and have a natural affinity for the spiritual side of life. A Pisces would likely enjoy planting their bum on the beach with an oceanside cocktail and a lovable Leo. We recommend you head to Aruba, which has one of the best beaches in the world.