8 Things Outdoor Enthusiasts Love About Fall

Even if fall isn't your favorite season, you no doubt have something that you love about it. From Pumpkin Spice Lattes to comfy sweaters, fall certainly has its charm. Even though summer might be king among outdoor enthusiasts, here are eight things you have to admit you love about fall.

Changing Leaves

Nothing makes a hike or bike ride more beautiful than some red, orange and yellow leaves.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
Fall brings a whole new set of in-season fruits and vegetables—apples, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, cranberries and figs are a few healthy choices that are at the peak of freshness.

Less Crowded Trails

As the temperatures start to dip, some of the people who frequented local trails in the summer will take their workouts indoors, leaving an open route for you.

New Outdoors Apparel
Retire those tank tops and shorts in favor of a zip-up and some sweatpants. Add some chilly-weather workout clothes to your wardrobe and remember to layer up.

The Crunch of Leaves
The only thing better than your favorite playlist is the sound of crunching leaves underfoot.

A Break from the Heat

Summer sun is great, but temperatures that break 90 and outrageous humidity can put a stop to just about any outdoor activity. Fall is the perfect time for exploring the outdoors and you don't have to worry about being uncomfortably hot.

The Smell in the Air
It's nearly impossible to describe this scent, but you'd know it anywhere and it's incredible.

Fewer People at National and State Parks

With the kids returning to school and many people done with summer vacation, the parks (in general) are far less crowded in the fall than they were in the summer. That along with the break in heinously hot weather makes fall a great time to see the parks.


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