10 Foods That Keep Bugs Away From Your Picnic

A few bug bites can make or break your memory of a fun summer day. The itch can distract from all your favorite sun-filled activities, and having to swat away insect after insect can be a nuisance impossible to ignore.

10 Foods That Keep Bugs Away From Your Picnic Gallery

Bugs are more than just annoying — they can be dangerous, since some insects and rodents carry disease that can infect your food or transfer an illness directly to you once they bite.

There are some things you can do to ward off those pesky pests. Keep in mind that most foods attract bugs — they don't repel them. Crackers, cheese, wine, and fruit are all picnic staples (and both cheese and wine are healthier than you might think!) but they can draw a ton of bugs to your picnic blanket.

Some other foods, though, are sometimes said to help keep bugs away. To try it, simply line your picnic basket with these strong-smelling foods. The smell hopefully won't be too repellent to your nose, but it may be a major deterrent for nearby insects. These foods could do the trick to keep bugs away for good!