Adventure Travel Tip: Choose The Greenest Plane

"All travel impacts natural and cultural resources. Plan ahead and research creative ways in which you can minimize your footprint. For instance, most people don't realize that the type of aircraft that's flown makes a big difference in terms of emissions. To choose a flight with the smallest carbon footprint, book your next flight on a Boeing 777—which can be as much as a 30 percent more fuel efficient. Boeing 787 planes—soon to be up and running—are another great option. Of course, taking direct flights helps too."

—Jim Sano is the vice president of the World Wildlife Fund's Sustainable Tourism and Adventure Travel Initiative, the World Wildlife Travel Program. He's been traveling the world as head of adventure tourism companies for more than 25 years and has logged trips in 75 countries—including rafting through the Peruvian Amazon's Tambopata River, riding a camel in Northern Kenya and almost being buried alive by an avalanche between Camp 1 and 2 on Everest. His favorite adventure? Co-leading the first guided trip to retrace Sir Ernest Shackleton's route across South Georgia Island.