Adventure Travel Tip: Capture Underwater Footage

"You've seen dramatic underwater footage of playful whales in films and documentaries, right? Well, recent advances in video technology now make capturing this fantastic footage accessible to amateur videographers and photographers (like you!). Lately I've been my GoPro in near-freezing waters in Antarctica, as it's extremely easy use, has a very wide angle, and never comes between me and the wildlife experience.

Here's how: I attach my camera to a pole-cam, submerge it while floating in a small boat, hold steady and wait for the whales to approach. That's it!

For such an affordable investment, the results are extraordinary."

—Mariano Curiel is an Expedition Leader with ANTARCTICA XXI. The son of a Captain, and grandson of an Antarctic whaler, Mariano first sailed the Southern Ocean when he was a child. Drawn by his family tradition and his passion for exploration he began working in Antarctica at the age of 22. He has traveled to Antarctica some 90 times. Oh, and if you need to know where to find Antarctic whales, he can show you