9 Resorts Near National Parks

When most people think of national parks, they think summer. It's when the cars begin dutifully inching through Yosemite Valley and vacationers crowd around Old Faithful with their point-and-shoots.[slideshow:797]

But winter in the parks has its own rewards. It's a time of year when crowds are almost nonexistent and trails open up to snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Wildlife stands out against a white backdrop and the only sound you hear is the crunching of snow beneath your feet.

As it so happens, several of the ski areas featured on our list of the 50 best resorts in North America make perfect launchpads for winter adventures in the national parks. A few have concierge services that help book tours, and at least one—Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana—offers its own day trips. (Not to mention one Canadian resort that's inside the country's most famous national park.)

With or without the help of guest services, these resorts, by proximity alone, make it easy to visit some of America's crown jewels on your next ski trip. Click here for photos.