The Alarming Reason Animal Kingdom Is The Only Disney Park With This Bathroom Feature

Most hardcore Disney fans will be all too familiar with the design details and secrets that make Disney Parks what they are. After all, fostering a sense of wonder and keeping the magic alive — even if you're just casually strolling through Main Street, U.S.A. — is a hallmark of the Disney experience and something that Disney Imagineers — the architects and designers who bring the parks to life — take very seriously.

However, there's one tiny detail that goes mostly unnoticed — and no, we don't mean the elusive "Hidden Mickeys" that are near impossible to find. We're talking about the presence — or thereof — of bathroom doors. And while eagle-eyed observers might already know that there's only one Walt Disney World theme park that actually uses bathroom doors in its facilities — it's Animal Kingdom, by the way — they might not know the actual reason behind it.

Thanks to a series of viral TikToks by Disney College Program participant, Fayth Hendley, the secret's finally out. So what's the point of having these at Animal Kingdom and not anywhere else? Well, the truth is that these doors actually serve a very specific and, let's be honest, terrifying reason. According to Hendley, the heavy doors and bolts are there as an added precaution that park employees can use to help guests hide in the unfortunate scenario where one of the animals were to get loose.

Other Disney bathroom secrets

In addition to Animal Kingdom's bathroom doors, Disney Parks also have plenty of unique designs and practices that make their bathrooms a little different from the rest. First, there's the mirror issue. Have you ever walked into a Disney bathroom, done your business, and walked over to wash your hands only to realize that there are no mirrors where there normally should be? No, this isn't because they forgot to hang them up. According to Disney insiders, the lack of mirrors serves a very specific purpose: to keep people moving along as quickly as possible and avoid overcrowding.

Along with their no-mirror policy, what happens below the bathrooms is also impressive. Through advanced technology, the park uses a highly efficient and eco-friendly waste treatment process that both handles the large amounts of waste generated daily — taking care of roughly 35,000 people's bathroom needs is no easy feat — and also repurposes it for irrigation and maintenance purposes. As for the smell, you don't need to worry about stinky bathroom odors. The park uses "smellitizers" that emit artificial scents to cover up any unpleasant smells.