Stay At This Gorgeous, Creekside Campground Along The 2024 Solar Eclipse Path

On April 8, a total solar eclipse will take over the sky along a path stretching from Mexico's Pacific coast all the way to Canada's Atlantic coast. Cities across North America will be treated to three to four minutes of total darkness, including Rockville, Indiana, home of Billie Creek Village. While Billie Creek may be known by the locals as a fun place to meander around historical buildings and bridges — and maybe do some ghost hunting — the village grounds are open to campers and day visitors from April 6 to 8 (overnight guests must check out by the morning of April 9) in honor of the eclipse.

During the three-day event, Billie Creek will transform into a lively festival with music, food vendors, shopping, and activities. Special merchandise will also be available, including viewing glasses to safely watch the total solar eclipse through. At night, the area becomes a slumber party, with families and astronomy enthusiasts gathering in their tents and RVs to celebrate this special celestial event.

Reserve a camping spot right under the eclipse

Camping at Billie Creek during the solar eclipse festival is the perfect way to ensure you don't get stuck in traffic on your way to the path of visibility — a problem that could prevent you from seeing the eclipse at all. Plus, the site is situated away from major cities, making light pollution less of an issue. Stay for the full event, starting April 6, to catch all the activities, or camp for just one or two nights to witness the main event on April 8. Each night will cost a budget-friendly $20, regardless of how many days you book.

Each reservation includes access to the parking lot and a site to pitch your tent, located in a field at the village nestled between the pavilion and the Civil War Farmhouse. If you'd prefer to travel by RV or camper van, note that no vehicle hookups are available, and an additional fee of $50 will apply. Campsites are primitive, so don't expect a luxurious glamping experience during the event. However, there are on-site shower facilities, as well as flushing restrooms. Besides the amenities offered at Billie Creek, campers can also find grocery stores, a drugstore, restaurants, and other establishments in quaint Downtown Rockville, just a few minutes away by car.

Explore the village between skywatching

Whether you've been to Billie Creek Village before or it's your first time in the area, you'll want to devote some time to checking out the unique sites and structures that make up the little town. Billie Creek gives visitors of all ages an exciting glimpse into 1800s life, with its authentic general store, schoolhouse, doctor's office, churches, and other buildings. There are also three covered bridges, each constructed between the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Billie Creek's nostalgic atmosphere might be its main draw, but city dwellers will also enjoy the village's serene, natural landscape. Greenery is abundant all around the 70-acre area, which comes to life in the springtime. There's also the creek the attraction is named after, which is open for swimming and splashing in. If you're an animal lover, make sure to visit the horses and other critters that live at the attraction while exploring. Wander around the buildings and barns and follow the village's numerous walking paths to ensure you don't miss a thing.