This Costa Rican Town Is Off Tourists Radar And It's A Beautiful Paradise Of Waterfalls

Costa Rica is known for its lush, expansive forests, dazzling ocean waters, a wide range of wildlife, and incredible things to do in nature. Outdoor enthusiasts may find it to be a slice of paradise. The capital, San Jose, is the most visited city, which harbors a bustling culture full of museums, delicious food, graffiti and street art, galleries, and much more. This lively city is certainly worth visiting, but it's not the only place to check out. If you prefer a quieter nature scene or want to see more of the country's natural beauty, consider stopping by the beautiful Bajos del Toros in the Alajuela province.

Bajos del Toros' population is only 200, drastically different from San Jose's nearly 350,000. As such, if you visit Bajos del Toro, it won't be for the urban life but for its natural beauty. It's surrounded by wondrous parks, volcanoes, and dazzling waterfalls that you can hike through and photograph.

Waterfalls galore

Bajos del Toros is largely underrated and overlooked by tourists, but those aware of it often appreciate its wondrous beauty. The most popular aspects are the spectacular waterfalls. You can embark on multiple hikes to witness them. You'll want to start on the ranch near two impressive waterfalls: the Blue Falls of Costa Rica and the Catarata del Toro. 

The first waterfall comprises seven cascades and is stunningly blue. The latter is just as spellbinding and is the tallest you'll encounter; it stands at 270 feet. Since the two are located on private property, you'll have to pay an entry fee of about $15 per person to see the Blue Falls of Costa Rica and $25 per person for Catarata del Toro. This expense is certainly worth it. You can visit between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Another lovely waterfall is the Rio Agrio, whose name translates to "sour river." It reaches 165 feet and is surrounded by boulders. Unlike most waterfalls, you cannot swim in the pool at this cascade's base. If you want to save time, this waterfall is the way to go. The walk to and from it is only ½ mile. The admission fee is just under $10.

Lodging options

In Bajos del Toro, only a few hotels are available for accommodation. They range from luxurious to simple and convenient. The most posh place to stay in the area is the 500-acre El Silencio Lodge and Spa. You'll find trails leading to the waterfalls here, as well as beautiful views and villas. Rates start between $400 and $500 depending on what time of year you visit. If you're looking for something a little more budget-friendly, you can book a room at the Blue Morpho Lodge, which features a lake and trails. The establishment is simple, with lovely views, and rates start at $110 per night. Alternatively, you can make the 2.5-hour drive to San Jose for accommodation.

Overall, you'll find a splendid nature scene and glorious waterfalls in and around this underrated Costa Rican town. Friendly faces, delicious food, and cozy places to stay all add to the experience here. Next time you want to get away from the city's bustle and connect with nature, you should visit Costa Rica's Bajos del Toros for a time of wonder and delight in nature.