Relax And Recharge At This Off-The-Beaten-Path Asian Island That Won't Break The Bank

Any mention of Indonesia's Sumatra island conjures up images of dense, wildlife-filled jungles and this beauty extends to its adjacent islands too. Just off its Northern tip is Pulau Weh, a lush island where you can fill your days with hiking through its jungles and diving its reef systems. Also known as Sabang Island, it is well worth traveling through stunning Sumatra to relax on its peaceful beaches.

If partying isn't your thing, then Pulah Weh is the place for you, as the one thing that you can't do is drink alcohol because the Islamic laws of the Aceh province mean it's not allowed. As the island is fairly big, it's worth renting a scooter or bike so you can get around it more easily. It is also very easy on the budget with the top-rated resort on the island priced at only $40 per room, per night. Many of the activities are free and even the diving is only around $25 per dive, so if you love to be in nature, Pulau Weh is a wonderful destination for you.

What to do in Pulau Weh

One of the best ways to enjoy this rainforest-filled island is by hiking around it, which is also great for your budget as it's absolutely free. Begin your time here by walking or taking a scooter to the Kilometer Zero Monument where you can enjoy views in every direction from its platform. Just before the sun goes down, head to the coastal pathway near the monument which goes to Sunset Beach where there are stunning views at dusk.

There is also an abandoned Japanese bunker in Anoi Itam which can be reached by steps from the main road. Jungle lovers will enjoy the hike to Pria Laot Waterfall which starts near Pria Laot beach and takes around 20 minutes. Once you've seen the island, head to Iboih Beach for some snorkeling or book a dive trip. If you want to relax, then visit the beaches of Sumur Tiga Beach in Sabang, Gapang Beach, or get a boat to Rubiah Beach on Rubian Island close to Iboih.

Where to stay at Pulau Weh

Finding somewhere great to stay is easy in Pulau Weh as there is a wealth of top-rated accommodations at bargain prices here. According to Tripadvisor reviews, Casa Nemo Beach Resort and Spa in Sabang is the number one spot on the island. This hotel offers bungalows on the Sumur Tiga Beach as well as a spa and snorkeling right off the beach.

Nearby on the same beach, is the second highest-rated resort which is Freddies Santai Sumurtiga. It features sea views as well as two restaurants where you can eat fresh local food and drink delicious smoothies. In third place is Mr. Bean Resort, which is located overlooking Iboih Beach. Visitors love it due to the helpful host Mr. Bean, snorkeling right outside the resort, and views of the sun rising over the ocean. Make sure to get up early to watch the sunrise on your last day for a lasting memory before leaving one of Indonesia's best hidden gem islands.