Cat Lovers, These Are The Best Cat Cafes Around The World, According To Customers

If you're looking for a relaxing moment during your travels or crave time with some kitty companions, a cat cafe is the perfect solution. The first cat cafe opened in Taiwan in 1998, and the trend quickly spread. Today, there are more than 250 cat cafes worldwide. Japan is the country with the most, which is why you'll see the word "neko" ("cat" in Japanese) in the name of many cat cafes around the world.

Each cat cafe has its particularities and quirky cat residents, but there are some general rules. For instance, you'll often have to pay a cover or per-hour charge in addition to food and drink purchases. Some don't allow children. It's also usually a good idea or even required to reserve a table in advance, as most venues are small and (understandably) popular. Whether they're available for adoption or "purrmanent" residents of the cafe, the cats should also be healthy and comfortable. For instance, quality cat cafes always provide places for their cats to hide and tell customers not to disturb sleeping cats.

Cat cafes usually offer coffee, tea, and pastries, and sometimes full meals and alcoholic beverages, and for cat lovers, these cafes are a fantastic concept. To find those that stand out in the clowder, we've combed through lists created by travel experts and compared promising establishments with reviews on sites like Tripadvisor and Google Reviews to highlight some of the world's best cat cafes.

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium (London, UK)

Read any ranking of cat cafes, and you're almost sure to find Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium on the list. Maybe that's because this London venue is the perfect blend of cats and whimsy. Founded in 2014, Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium's name refers to Dinah, the cat owned by Alice of "Alice in Wonderland" fame, a link reflected in the place's fantastical decor. Despite the whimsy, Lady Dinah's staff is very protective towards their cats. Some are up for adoption, but only when the staff feels these rescues are ready (you can get notifications by signing up for the cafe's newsletter). The cafe also has several rules, including no groups or children under 12 allowed and no flash photography.

Like some other cat cafes on this list, the Emporium sometimes hosts events. The most iconic thing to do here is enjoy a small pot of tea with a cat-themed pastry while surrounded by the cafe's actual cats. Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium regularly gets rave reviews from clients, with one Tripadvisor user writing that she spent a "Fabulous afternoon with the cats," who were "happy and well cared for." Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekends and school holidays. Booking isn't required but is highly recommended, especially if you're coming on a weekend or school holiday. Entry fee prices vary depending on the day and time.

Cat Cafe MONTA (Tokyo, Japan)

Some people go to cat cafes to play with cats, while others just want to pet kitties and relax while enjoying the atmosphere. If you're the latter type, Tokyo's Cat Cafe MONTA could be the "purrfect" cat cafe for you. Housed in a large room that reviewers often praise for its coziness and cleanliness, around nine cats of different breeds roam, lounge, and sleep while visitors enjoy the soothing ambiance and have a snack or drink. Cat Cafe MONTA's calm feline vibes are so memorable that cat cafe travel expert Paula LaBine of The Neighbor's Cat ranks it among her top cat cafes in the world. Many online reviewers agree that it's an excellent place to take a break and enjoy the presence of cats. On Google, Shiv Rajurs writes, "Owner cares a lot about the cats. Great atmosphere and friendly animals." On Tripadvisor, Emily T calls it a "Tranquil cafe with well loved and beautiful cats."

Part of this tranquility comes from the fact that the cafe's owner is known for being very strict about rules regarding the well-being of the cats (which is a good thing). Cat Cafe MONTA is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday through Monday. It's closed on Tuesdays and some Wednesdays. Children under 11 aren't permitted.

Catmosphere Cafe (Sydney, Australia)

What cat lover hasn't dreamt of a magical place featuring room after room where you can play or chill with dozens of cats? Catmosphere Cat Cafe in Sydney, Australia, makes that dream a reality. The cafe is divided into different themed spaces. The Cat Lounge, for instance, is a calm, classic cat cafe environment, while Kittyland is a place to play and cuddle with kittens. Visitors can also enjoy cat yoga sessions and a tiki lounge populated with cats. The most unique offering is Catflix Cinema, where you can watch a movie while cats roam around and maybe even settle into your lap to enjoy the show. Some of Catmosphere's cats are up for adoption, so feel free to ask the staff about availabilities if you're looking for a new kitty companion.

If you're wondering whether Catmosphere lives up to the hype, online opinion suggests it does. Cat cafe expert Emma of Adventures of a London Kiwi considers it one of the best cat cafes in the world, and one Tripadvisor reviewer writes: "I've been to many many cat cafes but this one takes the crown for the best, the staff are extremely nice and the cats are amazing ... The general vibe of this place is fantastic." Catmosphere's fees and age requirements vary depending on which space you want to visit. Reservations are encouraged and may even be required for certain events, so check the website before visiting.

Cat Café Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)

Founded in 2013, Cat Café Budapest seems nearly universally loved. Almost all of its more than 7,500 Google reviews are 5-star, and Tripadvisor also includes many glowing recommendations. One Tripadvisor user writes, "This was one of the nicest cat cafes I have visited in Europe," finishing her positive review by observing, " All cats very well looked after and relaxed in their environment. If you are a cat lover it's a must!" Cat Café Budapest is also a favorite among cat cafe travel experts, with The Neighbor's Cat's Paula LaBine calling it "A treat all around." Emma from the blog Adventures of a London Kiwi ranks it as one of the best cat cafes in the world, saying that it's "So good we've been there twice on two separate trips."

With its cozy atmosphere and population of friendly cats who seem full of "purrsonality", it's no wonder. The welcoming cafe's resident felines include both cats and kittens, many of which are rescues. Reservations aren't required, although the cafe warns there might be a wait to be seated at times. Children under 8 are allowed only on weekdays, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Catfé(Vancouver, Canada)

Housed in a large, airy space on the second floor of a shopping complex, Vancouver's Catfé has a modern look and plenty of windows — a prized commodity among felines. But despite this alluring feature, not to mention toys, beds, and plenty of places to perch, Catfé doesn't want its cats to stay long. All of them are up for adoption, and the cafe is proud that since opening in 2015, it's found homes for more than 1,500 cats. As cat cafe expert Paula LaBine points out, that's one of the highest adoption counts in a North American cat cafe. LaBine's praise doesn't stop there. The cafe's many successful adoptions, as well as its artsy ambiance, cat-themed menu, kind staff, and healthy and happy cats make Catfé "Cat Cafe Perfection." Many others agree, with a vast majority of over 1,400 Google reviewers giving it 5 stars. One reviewer writes: "I was super impressed with the beautiful, big space for the cats. The staff is friendly and showed so much love and care for the kitties."

In addition to its role as a regular cat cafe, Catfé hosts events like cat yoga, a cat watercolor workshop, and even a monthly Taylor Swift-themed evening. Kids 5 and older are allowed in the cat lounge. Reservations are recommended (or even required for some events).

Koneko (New York City, NY, USA)

One of two very popular cat cafes in New York (the other is the nearby Meow Parlour), Koneko is the more unique option, first for its Japanese-inspired decor and menu items, and second (and most importantly) because it's one of the few cat cafes to have an outdoor catio in addition to its indoor spaces. No wonder reviewers often mention how particularly relaxed its cats seem. These chill, charming cats are rescues from local shelters and are all available for adoption, so if you bond with one during your visit, you might end up with a new kitty roommate.

Like many cat cafes, Koneko charges an entry fee. It's a bit pricey, but then again, so is pretty much everything in one of the most expensive destinations in the U.S. The only major downside is that Koneko is often very crowded, so reservations are a must. Families should also know that kids under 8 are only allowed at Koneko during Kids Hours, on Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Still, it's worth braving the crowds and finding a time slot to have a special moment at this unique cat cafe. One glowing Google Review says, "Cafe is cute and cozy ... If we could have adopted any [of the cats] we would have." They also appreciated the decor: "our 8 year old who watched Japan vlogs with me was absolutely infatuated and excited to be there."

Romeow Cat Bistrot (Rome, Italy)

Many cat cafes offer yummy pastries, snacks, and drinks. But if you want a more gourmet experience, Romeow Cat Bistrot fills that void. This restaurant serves cruelty-free, seasonal vegan dishes that locals and visitors rave about. Add the presence of about a half dozen peaceful, friendly, free-roaming resident cats for a fine dining experience unlike any other. One Tripadvisor user writes, "The cats were adorable, playful and fun, but honestly not the star of the show ... the food was fantastic!" The food is fantastic, but the cats are still a big part of the experience. Romeow's Instagram, a delectable mix of cat and food eye candy, calls them the "padroni di casa" (the heads of the household), and it's clear from photos and comments that the cats are well-loved and bring a lot of that love to this unique dining experience.

Romeow Cat Bistrot is closed on Sundays and every other day from 12:30 to 1 p.m. and from 7:30 to 8 p.m. for cleaning. Reservations are required if you want to have lunch (1 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.) or dinner (8 p.m. to 11 p.m.) Like many European restaurants, menu offerings vary depending on the time of day. Since this is more of a restaurant with cats than a traditional cat cafe, there's no entry fee, so feel free to use that budget on one of the Bistrot's delicious desserts.

Kocici Kavarna (Prague, Czechia)

Located in Prague's Smíchov district, Kočiči Kavarna has everything you'd want from a cat cafe, including charming decor, cozy ambiance, cute desserts (including a cat-face cupcake), food and drinks at reasonable prices, and cats who are not only healthy and adorable, but also friendly. It's no wonder that Kočiči Kavarna has over 2,700 rave reviews on Google alone. One reviewer sums it up: "Very nice place with very nice cats." Cat cafe expert Paula LaBine of The Neighbor's Cat echoes this sentiment, writing, "The cats, the environment, the food/drink and service were all top notch, making a visit to Kočiči Kavarna a wonderfully satisfying and highly recommended break when in Prague."

True to its cozy charm, Kočiči Kavarna doesn't have a website, although it does have a very active Facebook page. Kočiči Kavarna is open every day from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. The cafe is cash-only (for the time being), children seem to be allowed, and reservations aren't required, though there may be a wait to get in. Interestingly, there's another cat cafe in Prague with the name in reverse: Kavarna Kočiči. These aren't run by the same people, but if you get confused and end up in that one, it is also a lovely cat cafe, so this isn't the worst travel mistake you could make.

Pounce Cat Cafe + Wine Bar (Savannah and Charleston, USA)

Whether you head to the Savannah, Georgia, location or the one in Charleston, South Carolina, you're sure to have some delightful moments with the cats at Pounce Cat Cafe + Wine Bar. Pounce's website is as fun and bubbly as a glass of sparkling wine, but the cafe's mission is genuinely important: Finding homes for local shelter cats. Luckily, the cafe's cheerful ambiance and love for the feline charges have gotten great results. Since opening in 2016, Pounce's Charleston location has already found homes for over 2,300 cats, and the Savannah location has found homes for over 1.400 cats since opening its doors in 2018.

Both Pounce locations offer a typical cat cafe experience, with drinks and snacks available. The cafes host cat yoga and other events, which you can find out about on its social media channels. One visitor writes in a Google Review that the Savannah location is "Super cute! The staff was really friendly and we had a lot of fun with the cats!" Another visitor wrote of her time at the Charleston location on Google: "The atmosphere is comfy and cozy with cats just running around and playing." Both locations are open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Reservations are recommended.

Neko No Jikan (Osaka, Japan)

Founded in 2004, Neko No Jikan was the first cat cafe in Japan, and it's beloved by locals and visitors alike. Located on the second floor of a building in Kita ward of budget-friendly Osaka, it's a reasonably small space with traditional Japanese features like tatami flooring. The cats have windows to look out of and lots of spots to sleep — but customer reviews often mention that many of them are also fond of sitting or even sleeping on people's laps, one of the best cat cafe experiences anyone could hope for. In a Google Review, one happy client writes, "Cats are very well taken care of. Nice, comfy and reasonably priced place to spend an hour ... Cats are all comfortable around you and happy to be petted or sit on you."

Neko No Jikan is open Wednesday through Sunday (closed Mondays and Tuesdays) from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. No reservations are required but remember that, like all cat cafes, Neko No Jikan can get crowded, so you may still want to make one. If you're traveling with children, be aware that young ones are only allowed in the cafe from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and only for 30 minutes. Ages aren't listed on the website, so you may want to contact the cafe to find out which ages this applies to.

La Gatoteca (Madrid, Spain)

"La Gatoteca" roughly translates to "The Cat Collection" or "The Cat Club," and this name fits it perfectly. Madrid's La Gatoteca is a one-stop shop for all things cat, from a shop with cat food and toys to adoptions, lectures and lessons about cat care, a cafe, and, of course, an area where you can mingle with charming cats. La Gatoteca is run by ABRIGA, a nonprofit charity that helps cats with homing and health needs, so the small fee you pay to play with adorable kitties is going to an excellent cause. You can also adopt one of those kitties if you fall in love during your visit.

Unsurprisingly, most visitors leave La Gatoteca with their cat itch scratched. The vast majority of its over 3,000 Google Reviews are 5-star ratings. One reviewer writes: "Such a fun place. The staff is great and the cats are so adorable. Highly recommend to cat lovers." If you want to visit La Gatoteca's cat room, reservations are required, and it's best to book as early as possible since time slots fill up fast. Children are allowed. Note that in 2021, La Gatoteca moved to a new location in Madrid, so if you're using an older guidebook or another source, check you have the correct address (Calle del Duque de Rivas 7).

Rescue Cat Cafe Meooow! (Tokyo, Japan)

Of the dozens of cat cafes in Tokyo, Rescue Cat Cafe Meooow! stands out for all the right reasons. It's not as glamorous or whimsical as many of Tokyo's other cat cafes, but it offers a cozy, relaxing environment and helps rescue cats, including some with very specific requirements. Drinks and snacks are far from the stars here — instead, it's more a place to play or get lap time with cats. You can even borrow a blanket to make your lap more inviting. Visitors and regulars frequently describe the cats as friendly and clearly loved. All of them are up for adoption, and the cafe is proud that many of its former residents have found "furr-ever" homes. The ambiance is no-frills but cozy. One Google reviewer writes: "Compared to other cat cafes, it feels like a part of your home." No wonder Tokyo Weekender featured Rescue Cat Cafe Meooow! on its list of ethical cat cafes.

The cafe is generally open from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., and reservations are required. However, the cafe often temporarily closes on short notice and advises people to check the reservation calendar for hours and availability. The calendar may not be updated far in advance, so if you're planning a trip to Tokyo, it may be better to contact the cafe by email for details and opening hours.

How we made this list

Just about any calm place you can spend time with cats is pretty great. To help us make the tough choice of the best cat cafes in the world, we looked at cat cafe rankings and reviews from travel writers and bloggers, including cat cafe experts like Paula LaBine of The Neighbor's Cat and Emma of Adventures of a London Kiwi. After noting the cat cafes that appeared on the most lists (as well as a few others that seemed particularly outstanding to us), we compared them with reviews on sites like Tripadvisor and Google to see if a large number of travelers and locals from all walks of life felt the same way. We also made sure that reviews and other resources indicated that the cafe's cats seemed healthy, happy, and well cared for. If all these criteria were met, the cat cafe in question made it onto our list.