This Bike Tour Is The Perfect Way To See The Highlights Of Rome's City Center

Rome, the capital of Italy, its historic city center is said to be founded in 753 B.C., securing it and many of its astounding, ancient sites as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980. With a treasure trove of monuments and landmarks dotted around this great empire, as well as over 4.2 million people living in the "eternal city," as reported by World Population Review, and an estimated 10.5 million tourists visiting Rome in 2022 alone, according to Schengen Visa, Rome is not only densely populated, it's also the most popular destination in Italy for tourists every year.

And, while it's said that all roads lead to Rome, navigating through its city center by car, bus, taxi, and even on foot, can be quite intimidating, especially if you want to take in the numerous stunning, and historic, architectural sites this city is known for. Touring the city of Rome by bike is not only the perfect way to see many of its spectacular highlights, but it's also budget-friendly, and stress-free. And, one company in Italy prides itself on providing both guided and private bike tours to its customers at an affordable price.

All roads to lead to Rome: By bike

Established in 1999, Fat Tire Tours offers a fun, relaxing, guided bike tour through the city center of Rome for toddlers, children, and adults. The Rome Bike Tour takes you on a leisurely, magical, and historical, cycling journey highlighting 11 of Rome's most famous sites, such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and much more. Bike tours meet at a designated area in Rome, where attendees will find their guide and be provided with bikes and helmets before heading off on the tour.

Traveling with infants, toddlers, or young children? Not to worry. Fat Tire Tours provides baby seats and toddler trailers for your little ones. They even offer tandem options for children under the age of 10, so they can ride along in unison with one of their parents. Or, should your child decide to go it alone, they also offer smaller, city bikes for children between the ages of 6 and 12. And, for adults, well, you get two fantastic color options and styles for your hardcore city bicycles: Ferrari Red and Classic Blue.

Things to know before you go

Before heading out on your cycling tour through the city streets of Rome, make sure to don yourself with proper attire and footwear that is not only comfortable to wear but secure also. No open-toe shoes or sandals should be worn while cycling, especially since all of the tours offered by Fat Tire Tours take place rain or shine.

It should also be noted that since this is a 3-hour bike tour, stopping and visiting the monuments and landmarks within the city center is not an option due to time constraints. Instead, the bike tour takes you on a historical journey from a distance, offering you a sustainable option to view some of the most incredible sites within Rome, away from the crowds and traffic. Make sure to check their FAQs page for pertinent information about their tours and what to expect before making your reservation, but most of all, have fun when you go. This is truly a unique way to visit Rome's city center, offering a memorable and exciting experience for both you and your family.