The 10 Most Inspiring U.S. Olympic Athletes On Instagram

The Olympic Games provide a platform for sports fans to witness truly awe-inspiring events. Unexpected underdog victories, especially eloquent performances and record-breaking triumphs; these are the kinds of Olympic moments that send chills down our spines and stand our hairs up on edge.

The Winter Olympics at Sochi are sure to provide spectators with plenty of breathtaking displays of elite athleticism and we've got one week before the Games begin. But lucky for those who just can't wait any longer for that inspirational fix, there's a little thing called social media. And U.S. Olympic athletes are all over it.

In fact, a handful of Team USA's members are pretty good at inspiring their followers through Instagram. From super smiley selfies to behind-the-scenes training shots, even the world's best athletes love sharing their day-to-day experiences through grainy filters. (This totally doesn't justify your over-sharing though.)

Face it; the life of an Olympian is slightly more exciting than the commoner's. It's much more inspiring, too. And that's why you should follow the Instagram profiles of these ten U.S. Winter Olympians.

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