You Won't Believe What These Parents Did To Get The Ultimate Tourist Photo

Preikestolen (or Pulpit Rock) is a top tourist destination in Southern Norway, attracting thrill seekers and daredevil photographers who just can't resist getting a glimpse off the edge of the 1,982-foot-high cliff.

Fred Sirevåg was one such photographer, hiking a safe distance away from the edge on Saturday when he saw parents place their baby at the tip of the cliff and back away to take a photo. He managed to snap his own photo of the incident and it has since made major waves on the internet.

Sirevåg said he thought about saying something to the parents but they picked the baby up and moved on before he had the chance. He also reiterated how dangerous it was to leave a baby so close to the edge.

Just last year, a Spanish man fell and died while taking photos on Pulpit Rock. The baby photo and the recent death have raised the question of safety measures around the area. There are currently no fences and tourism officials say that would spoil the experience. They do, however, urge visitors to exercise caution.

The above photos are courtesy of Flickr users Marcus Ramberg and ghiac2011, respectively. Click the image to see it on Flickr.

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