You Bought Sunblock In February And 12 Other Signs You're Sick Of Winter

It's easy to love winter at the beginning. The first snow storm always seems magical and the chilly temperatures of December give us good reason to start wearing our favorite scarves and mittens. Really who can resist cuddling up in front of the fire with hot chocolate right at the beginning of the season?

When it comes to the single-digit temperatures in February and March, though, many of us are understandably less than thrilled. Across the country we've been hit with lots of snow and record low temperatures—for most people, the coldest season has overstayed its welcome. While some people (skiers and snowboarders) are taking advantage of the piles of snow, others are lacking incentive to put up with the frosty temperatures.

You know you're sick of winter; the seemingly permanent cold is getting to you—why not make it official? On a scale from one to 13, exactly how sick of winter are you?

#1 You don't ski or snowboard, you surf and swim.

#2 You secretly hate everyone who posts beach photos on Instagram.

#3 You've gone bathing suit shopping, more than once.

#4 You've gone tanning—just for 8 minutes of intense warmth.

#5 Camping and beach gear is already in your car (and your tent may or may not be strapped to the roof).

#6 You bought sunblock in February.

#7 "I'm suffering from Vitamin D Deficiency," you tell anyone who will listen.

#8 You curse global warming every time it's unusually cold, even though you have no idea how it works.

#9 You've seriously considered the idea of moving someplace more temperate, like California or Cyprus.

#10 You've bought more Chapstick than any one person should ever need.

#11 You cry when the forecast says high of 28.

#12 You sob when the forecast says high of 6.

#13 Your gloves have holes from overuse and all of your winter gear is worn out, both literally and figuratively.