The World's Scariest Bungee Jumps

When it comes to adventurous undertakings, it doesn't get too much more thrilling than hurling yourself into the air with the support of only a bungee cord. [slideshow:1284]

Some people call it crazy, but those who have felt the rush know that the moments of fear are well worth the reward. From 700-foot drops to dips in the water below, bungee jumping allows us to fly through the air toward the earth and (usually) survive intact.

Whether your choice of platform is a bridge or building, bungee jumping spots can be found all over the world. To inspire your next daring jump, we've come up with a list of the scariest bungee jumps in the world.

From China to New Zealand, these are the 10 scariest bungee jumps in the world.

The Verzasca Dam—Ticino, Switzerland

This bungee jump is one of the highest in the world, but that's not what really makes it famous. The Verzasca Dam (actually called the Contra Dam) jump was featured in the opening scene of the 007 movie GoldenEye, making it a bucket list drop for action movie aficionados everywhere. If you plan to take on this dive, be prepared for a fall of more than 700 feet alongside a concrete wall.

Macau Tower—Macau, China

You know a bungy jump is scary when you need to develop a specialty cord, guide cables and recovery system to keep the daredevils alive—and that's just what they did at AJ Hackett's Macau Tower Bungy Jump. Set in the gambling epicenter of Macau, this jump is the highest tower plunge in the world at 764 feet tall. Jumpers ready to take the fall will come within 100 feet of harsh parking lot pavement on the ground below, no rushing rivers to save you here.

Editor's Note: Throughout the article there are two spellings, bungee and bungy, the second spelling was used at the request of some of the companies featured in the article.

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