The Best Surf Spots For Beginners

The basic conditions for an ideal atmosphere to learn how to surf are having long, soft and rolling waves, easy access to a beach, preferably warm water, and reputable schools with certified instructors.[slideshow:102288]

When it comes to ocean surfing, which is the most popular kind, California, Hawaii and Australia are synonymous with the sport and culture. Though these are hot spots for catching waves, surfing is practiced all over the world, in places many people would never expect. Some offer breaks that are better for beginners.

What is also important for a beginners-friendly surf spot is having a sandy ocean bottom because it creates calm and continuously rolling waves, allowing for mistakes and quick recoveries.

Surfing is considered dynamic and accessible, meaning adults, children and even dogs can learn.

Learning to surf is not a scary thought anymore. Forgiving foam surfboards and qualified surf coaches have made practicing to stand up and a ride a wave higher than you a fun and thrilling experience.

Have fun testing your physical limits against the ocean.

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