Best Surf Schools In The U.S.

The reasons to take up surfing are endless – it's a great full-body workout; it teaches you patience; you get to travel to unique places; you reconnect with nature, soaking up the sun and getting lots of vitamin D

Surfing has evolved from a Polynesian fishing technique to a hugely popular leisure activity and professional sport. There is an entire subculture with its own language, fashion and lifestyle.[slideshow:85904]

A surfing vacation is the ultimate experience for an admirer of this adventure sport. But to make it an unforgettable trip, you have to make sure you get the basics right. The best way to learn a new sport, or even a hobby, is to get lessons from people with years of experience.

The following list includes surf schools from all over the country that offer private and groups lessons, week-long camps, and instructions on safety, ocean science, environmental awareness, and surf etiquette.

Many of the schools themselves have evolved from more than just teaching the basics of this extreme sport, but to offering special events such as bachelor/ette parties, corporate team buildings, birthday parties, stand-up paddleboarding, and yoga.

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