This Is Why Fall Is The Best Time To Take A Cruise

Fall is right around the corner, the weather is a little cooler and the crowds start to simmer down – it's definitely the best time to take a cruise.[slideshow:102331]

You can finally relax after the hectic summer months having the kids home, find lower cruise rates, plan your trip at the last minute, and receive tons of discounts. Also, fall brings stunning colorful displays, festivals, cultural events and sports.

October is Plan a Cruise Month— a worldwide movement to learn more about, plan and go on a cruise vacation. This time of year brings a wide range of perfect excuses to pack your bags and find a ship heading to an exotic destination.

Even if you want to go to classic places that are popular in the summer, spare your body and mind by not going when the streets are bustling with people, the sun is too strong, and even a 3-day trip can lead to bankruptcy.

Click here for 10 reasons why fall is the best time to take a cruise

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