The Most Secluded Beaches In The Whole Entire World

Few factors can spoil a beach vacation, and one of them certainly is crowds. Being surrounded by a lot of people – which may include screaming kids, hyperactive teens, and beachgoers who play catch and constantly drop the ball near you – is not a relaxing way to spend a day by the sea.[slideshow:97145]

This scenario is all too familiar on city shorelines. Even those who love to be out in the sun stay home if they are continuously going to be interrupted by annoying distractions, such as having to clean sand off their bodies every five seconds when strangers run by them.

Before you know it, going to the beach has only one condition that happens to be a deal-breaker – you need solitude. You want serenity to feel the magic of the combination of clear blue skies, golden soft sands and white-crested waters.

Do you want to hear the sound of ocean waves crashing on the shore and feel white sand shifting beneath your feet? Buying a slice of paradise might not fit into your budget, but there are a few spots around the world where you can still enjoy a mostly empty stretch of sand and coast.

Some are tough to find and hard to access, but they are worth the trek.

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