Beaches So Spectacular You'd Visit Them In A Sweater

Beach getaways are not just for the summer. Many coastlines are worth a visit when the weather cools down and the crowds disappear. The smooth sand and refreshing water can be enjoyed year-round, even if you don't actually go swimming. Don't confine yourself to one season.[slideshow:91231]

Several magnificent sandy shores feature brilliant changing leaves and spectacular fall sunsets. You don't need to splurge on a trip to Mexico or South America to spend time on a beautiful coast when it gets cold outside.

A lot of cities and parks in the U.S. have coastlines, seafood shacks, hiking trails and even waterfalls that will make you feel like you're in paradise.

Visit beaches with odd rock formations, camp near the ocean, and sleep under the stars. Hit two birds with one stone and explore a national park with a stunning shore where you can go kayaking and fishing. Some coastlines deserve a trip just for the many snorkeling adventures they offer – all you may need is a wetsuit.

For a good time, all you really need is sun, sand and a body of water. Hot temperatures are overrated.

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