America's Most Beautiful Waterfalls You Can Actually Swim In

A waterfall is defined as an area in a stream or river where running water falls down from a high place such as over the side of a cliff. Words like breathtaking, otherworldly, awe-inspiring and majestic should be added to this simplistic description.[slideshow:89647]

The only better feeling than enjoying the stunning views of the tons of water cascading over the edge of a cliff is if you can do it while swimming below these earthly wonders.  

Cool off in the most beautiful natural spots in the country. Some of the falls are still hidden gems, others are not easily accessible, but many have become very popular over the years, especially among locals. What all of them have in common is that they are well worth the quest to get to them.

Some waterfalls are iconic simply for the way they look from afar – rare shade of violet, like a wall of tears, or streams of milk rushing down the mountainside. Others are as famous for their moderately tough but scenic hikes through a jungle or a forest with centuries-old trees that are required to reach them.  

Swim under waters that fall from 100 feet above you or in pools surrounded by forests, lavish green pastures and contrasting red rock cliffs. Go to a beach and catch some sun next to an 80-foot waterfall that flows directly into the ocean.

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